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Healing By Nature 

Customized Nature Immersion
Personalized Nature and Forest Therapy



Slow Down.


A 2-hour facilitated re-connective nature experience, this is an opportunity for deep healing, grounding and sensory awakening.  Join in the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing. You will be guided through new ways to mindfully take in an immersive forest atmosphere. The practice is scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost your immune system & improve mood and focus; beyond this, it allows us to reawaken our relationship with the natural world. Relax, wander, sense your surroundings, enjoy a foraged tea plant ceremony and enjoy a deep feeling of connectedness. Each of the exercises will be customized to the particular season, location and individual participating.

"'ll feel nourished by the magic she brings."

Katrina is one of those souls you hope to find. She has an ability to intuitively read, draw out the deeper hidden meanings that we can't see ourselves, to be direct and compassionate. I love that she helps you discover your own truth while also holding you accountable and calling you out as needed. Take a nature walk—you'll feel nourished by the magic she brings."

Chivito C.



  • Specific exercises to tune deeply into senses 

  • Personalized "invitations" to explore internal and external nature 

  • A facilitated tea ceremony using local wild foraged herbs

"A truly remarkable and healing experience..."

My nature walk with the guidance of Katrina was one of of deep connection with the earth and within myself. I found a clarity that was missing. It allowed me to find answers to questions from within my own soul. A truly remarkable and healing experience which I recommend to all."

Christina N.


Clients often report significant improvements in stress levels, sensations of bliss and deep awareness not experienced since childhood, visceral understandings of connectivity and sometimes even spiritual experiences.

"I encourage everyone I know to do this..."

There’s so much going on in life and noise in my head.  When I went on the nature walk with Katrina, I was able to totally connect with the world around me. It was a wonderful experience and something that I want to do very frequently and I encourage everyone I know to do, as well.”

Laurel A.

2-Hours, $150, Location Dependent on Participant

Energy Healing Session
A Nervous System Reset for Unsettling Times

Times are uncertain right now. No matter who we are or where we are, we are being affected by pandemic, systemic injustices and environmental shifts in ways we could never imagine. Now, more than ever, we need modalities which will help accelerate the natural healing capabilities of our bodies, minds and spirits. Energy Healing sessions are a way for us to come back in communion with our bodies, listen to the intuitive nudges we get to keep ourselves and those around us healthier and stronger.

" a tiger balm for the soul."

Katrina is an ancient soul in a contemporary avatar! A healing session from her is like a tiger balm for the soul!”

Niranjan A.



Through various modalities, including somatic work, Reiki, guided meditation and creative visualization, these sessions are geared towards:

  • Relieving stress

  • Alleviating emotional and physical pain

  • Balancing the subtle energies of the body

  • Tapping into the parasympathetic (or rest and recover) nervous system

  • Freeing up potential creativity

  • Reclaiming personal power

  • Deep relaxation

  • Spiritual insight

" if she was reading my mind."

I just had my first healing session with Katrina and it absolutely shifted everything! Not only was I energetically refreshed, like I slept 10 hours last night, she tuned into things I had to release and receive as if she was reading my mind. Hurry up. She will be expensive soon.”

Luci B.


The main modality, Reiki, is often described as a feeling of a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you that is deeply relaxing. It is simple, natural, and safe. Most that try to describe their session, finally just say, "You can't explain it, you need to try it."

" exceptional Reiki experience."

Shortly after sitting down to receive Katrina's long distance healing, I felt my hands warm, then waves of electric energy started flowing down my body and out through my feet. I'm a Reiki practitioner myself and for me this was an exceptional Reiki experience. I'd highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for energy healing or to deepen their experience of their own energetic body."


Erik L.

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