Nature Mystic. Medicine Woman. Soulful Mentor.

Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and Intuitive Healer. She holds certifications with The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, the Tree of Totems Spiritual Wilderness School as an Ayu-Shamanic Practitioner, and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Puget Sound in Music and English.


Katrina would like to emphasize, however that her greatest degree has come from life and diving deep into its endless explorations both on internal and external levels.

As a sexual assault and relationship abuse survivor, she specializes in helping women with depression, anxiety and PTSD. After suffering from a cerebellar stroke in 2015, she developed a program for herself to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This program stands today as her Soulful Mentorship program which has been described by participants as "life-changing and priceless."

More than anything, Katrina has a passion for connection--deep connection to one's true self, connection to an unconditionally loving community and connection to the natural environment. A life-long devotee of the arts, nature, and personal growth/exploration, she comes with a curious melange of talents, gifts and offerings. Having traversed the globe in search of interesting and successful healing modalities, she came back to the US in 2014 as a Reiki Master. From there, she began the path to realizing she was a full-body medium and effective vehicle for energy, and translating archetypes into meaningful messages for clients. She has an unabashed adoration for nature and is living proof that adequate time outside can lead to greater health and fulfillment.









"Katrina changed my life! She is the puzzle piece, the critical piece, that I had been searching for ... for decades! She has a pureness about her - of heart and energy, which she so generously flows healing light. She is a true empath - seeing me ... and guiding me back to myself. Therapy has served a great purpose but Katrina has been the critical experience of my life, allowing it to all come together - to Connect. I will carry her lessons always."

— Tamra Loosemore




It can help with

Stress and Overwhelm

It has been scientifically proven that mindful forest walks lower stress hormones, suppress the sympathetic "fight or flight" system, enhance the parasympathetic or "rest and recover" system and lower blood pressure. 


Studies show that when people spend time in nature they obsess much less about negative thoughts than when they are in the city.


An extensive study from the University of Exeter found that people who live where there are trees and green spaces are statistically less anxious and depressed than those in urban environments.

Women's Health

After a two hour walk in the forest, a recent study showed that both men and women showed significant changes in mood--reductions in depression, anxiety, anger, confusion and an increase in vigor. However, women's moods were affected more than the men's.


A recent study proved that participants experienced a 50% increase in creativity after just a few days immersed in nature.


Researchers in Canada have shown that our sense of connectedness to nature can enhance our capacity for happiness. 

Williams, Florence. The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative. W.W. Norton & Company, 2018.

Li, Qing. Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness. Viking, 2018.

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12-Week Online Workshop
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