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In the Media

Continually passionate about reconnecting to Self, Other and Land, Katrina has shared her story on several platforms. Enjoy these resources as discussions on these topics.


Stories of Humankind

STORIES OF HUMANKIND is an anthology series providing writers and readers alike a safe and welcoming space for self-reflection, healing, and connection. Through courageous acts of sharing and holding space for one another, we become co-creators in living authentically beyond the confines of harmful social conditioning; we learn to embrace ourselves and others as uniquely expressive beings; and we learn to harness our power to create a more inclusive and loving world. Stories of Humankind is published by Getting Unlocked, a social change company aimed at amplifying inclusion, self-love, and acceptance in the world.

Recover Podcast

On this podcast, Sierra Frost, Founder of Invitation Wellness interviews Katrina about her experience having a stroke, how nature can be a legitimate form of therapy, overcoming pride, receiving help and the reality and nature of suicidal ideation.

Finding Fertile Ground Podcast

Join Katrina and Marie GG as they dive deep into the nature of grit, resilience and connection. Learn how it is that Katrina found healing in the forest and how anyone can find deep healing through nature.

Getting Unlocked Podcast

Come along for the ride with Jessie Sawyers and Katrin and they discuss Katrina's section of Stories of Humankind. They speak on the magic of intuition, vulnerability and of course...nature!

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