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Meet Katrina

Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a Nature Mystic, Best-Selling Author and a Soulful Mentor. Her clients have called her "a medicine woman who embodies life-times of deep self-cultivation work." She has a passion for connection—deep connection to one's true self,  to a loving community and to land. 

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A Story of Re-Connection...

Having a deep interest in personal development and self-discovery, from a young age, Katrina has facilitated and lead various circles and women's support groups for nearly a decade including working for the Soltura Foundation, online women's circles, Artist Way groups and Full Moon Circles. Additionally, she has 20 years experience with various divinatory arts including Tarot, Runes, Iching and Astrology.


Katrina would like to emphasize, however that her greatest degree has come from life and diving deep into its endless explorations both on internal and external levels.


More than anything, Katrina has a passion for connection—deep connection to one's true self, connection to an unconditionally loving community and connection to the natural environment. A life-long devotee of the arts, nature, and personal growth/exploration, she comes with a curious melange of talents, gifts and offerings. Having traversed the globe in search of interesting and successful healing modalities, she spent a considerable time in Bali, Indonesia and Tiruvanamalai, India studying various forms of energy work. From there, she began the path to realizing she was a full-body medium and effective vehicle for energy, and translating archetypes into meaningful messages for clients. She has an unabashed adoration for nature and is living proof that adequate time outside can lead to greater health and fulfillment.

As a sexual assault and relationship abuse survivor, she specializes in helping individuals with depression, anxiety and PTSD. After suffering from a cerebellar stroke in 2015, she developed a program for herself to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This program stands today as her Soulful Mentorship program which has been described by participants as "life-changing and priceless."


Your path to re-connection begins here...


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