• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

2021 Year Reading

Traditionally, each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations. I thought it might be good fun to do this for the next calendar year as well.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Keep it close to you for the duration of this year.

The Collective:

The Theme: Higher Knowledge

If 2020 didn’t manage to direct your attention inwards to your own heart, soul and intuition, 2021 surely will. As a collective, the humans on this planet are being invited to turn our own awareness to that niggling feeling we all have in our guts this year. What is it that we really need to address on an individual and a collective level? Are COVID and systemic racism the true issues or are they symptoms of a much larger rift? Living in the Information Age is exciting but equally overwhelming. It has never been so essential that we take the opportunity that a disruptive 2020 gave us to seek out our own quiet connection to soul-wisdom on an individual level. Every single human on this Earth is here for a reason, including you. Together we weave a tapestry in which every thread has a purpose. Being who you are has never been so essential. Forget what anyone has told you. Recognize that beyond all the noise there are much deeper truths that no one can find unless they take the time to get quiet and listen. If you have been putting off doing physical or energetic practices that help realign you, this is the year to really set those in stone. If you make it a priority to show up to your yoga mat, your blank canvas, your journal, your forest, your kitchen…whatever it is that helps you connect to the greater picture, the rewards will be massive. And if you can’t do it for you, do it for the world. We need more of us who are centered and moving from a place of solidity.

Mantra: This year, I get still, I get quiet and I listen. When I tune in, I find answers, wisdom and solidity. When my world gets peaceful the rest of the world follows.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: Awakenings

Ok, Earthies. Here’s the deal and listen because it’s important. This year can go one of two ways. Either you find yourself desperately clinging to the the past, your own opinions and ways of doing life and you find yourself crushed under what has been crumbling for a long while. Or you show up with open eyes, mind and heart and allow that which much fall away to flow down the river. If you can manage this, a massive spiritual awakening is possible for you, my friend. If you can allow the pieces to fall where they will, stay present, aware and in a place of gratitude—realizing this is all a grand lesson, you will fly through this year. It may, in fact, be a game changer for you. Is it total annihilation or is it complete liberation? It’s all a matter of perspective, loves. It’s surprising how thin of a line there is between the two. For many of you, 2020 helped loosen your stubbornness, your rigidity. Even though this has perhaps felt foreign or uncomfortable for you, it’s all for the best. Take a look at your air sign friends (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Perhaps they do seem a bit on the flaky side to you but isn’t there a certain type of freedom in their ways? Look to them this year, they will be your teachers and guides.

Mantra: This year, when big things happen, I recognize the potential for complete liberation and awakening. I choose to take this perspective and because of this I find true freedom.


The Theme: Join the Dance

The invitation for you this year, Taurus is: be light on your feet. This may feel like a foreign concept to you at first, love, but if you can view this year as a dance it will feel lively and exhilarating versus terrifying and disorienting. Although you might not know the steps at first, there are others that will show you. As with anything, don’t get discouraged. If you keep showing up, you will get better and better and before you know it, it will be a total delight. The key word for this year, Taurus, sometimes contrary to your usual way of being is: motion. But it’s not just motion forward, it is important that you think multi-dimensionally, my bull friend. There are many directions you can go in and many partners (people or energies) to dance with. It all comes down to this, Taurus. Having fun is a choice when it comes down to it. For someone who might traditionally value security more than freedom, you may come to see this year, the grand merits of liberation.

Mantra: This year, I see all events as a dance where I have the choice to let go, have fun. I take things lightly and find multidimensional momentum. I am free.

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The Theme: Progress Protects

There will be seismic shifts the year to come, Virgo. Some will be positive and some may be challenging but change is definitely on the menu. During this time, I invite you to mediate on the archetype of the Elk. Elk are noble creatures. There is a grace and gentility about them. Their protection comes from the majestic set of antlers on their head. Much in the way that an Elk must face its foe in order to defend itself, it is important that you face up to the changes that are occurring in your life. Don’t let them catch you from behind. It may feel easy to collapse into various emotional states this year, both positive and negative, but see if you can catch yourself before you do. Face them head on and instead of collapsing into them, let them pass through. This year pushes you forward into a new level of self growth. If you can remain mindful and conduct yourself with integrity, you will progress. Your knowing that progress is inevitable is what protects you from collapse into negative spirals.

Mantra: This year, I will progress. I face any shifts and changes with courage and grace. I am strong and protected.

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The Theme: Sacred Earth

What ground do you stand upon, Capricorn? I ask this question both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Foundations that have been weak are crumbling. There is no denying that. And yet, when they do, the reveal a deeper foundation that you’d long forgotten about that is ancient and wordless. Is there a physical place on this Earth that you find sacred? Perhaps a forest or a beach? What relationship do you have with the actual land that you live upon? Who has lived there before you? Was it tended to by other cultural groups before you? Focus your energies on learning about the earth that holds you up. In the end, it is the only thing that does physically support us and yet we forget entirely about it all too often. If you can find the time and space to genuinely connect with land, you will find a solidity, strength and wisdom that leaves you resilient in the face of nearly any challenge. This is the secret, Capricorn. Embrace that you do not own the land. It is the land that nurtures you and keeps you alive. This humility and gratitude is the ultimate form of resilience.

Mantra: This year, I connect with the sacredness of the Earth and the land upon which I reside. I am wise and resilient.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: Focus and Plan

Whether you like it or not, air signs, it is essential that you learn to prioritize this year. There is no way you can do it all. Your energy will spread too thin and and then you will be no use to anyone. If there is one piece of advice to stick to, it’s this: focus on one task at a time. Give it your undivided attention and success will be within your reach. It’s easy to think it’s better to get everything done at once or multitasking is more effective. We are conditioned in this culture to be productive in a way that is far beyond our means. It may seem counterintuitive at first but by taking careful measures to plan out what needs attention and then focusing on one bit at time, you will achieve what it is you desire and with far less huffing and puffing. Quiet time and planning are just as essential as taking action. As the saying goes: nothing in nature hurries and yet everything gets done. This is the time to work smarter, not harder air friends. Often times this means asking for help, delegating and putting down some of the plates you are juggling because they just aren’t that important.

Mantra: This year, I lovingly focus on one task at a time. I don’t need to hurry, the world needs to slow down.


The Theme: Deeper Truths

I am thinking of a great quote by Barry H Gillespie who says “the path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” That statement has never been so true as it is this year, Gem. There is an invitation to travel deeper into your consciousness, a process which requires the time, space and energy to do so. Do yourself a favor and set aside time during your week just for this specifically. Let it be an empty space where nothing in particular is planned but where you have the opportunity to dig a little deeper for some precious inner knowledge. This year is not about your working on your faults but rather letting nature take its course. There is nothing that you need to do for your growth except to show up everyday to your experience. The growth happens naturally. When you take the space to dig for deeper knowledge a natural renewal of spirit occurs and this is very precious, indeed.

Mantra: This year, I take the time and space I need to seek deeper truths and explore the vast depths of my conciousness. I am a soulful being.

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The Theme: Victory in Balance

As the sovereign ruler of balance in the Zodiac, Libra, you have the natural capability to see the value of being in harmony with the natural oppositional elements of nature. That capability will be tested this year but knowing that this skill is in your wheelhouse is what will give you strength. There is a momentum available to you this year that is exciting and enlivening. Embrace this but only to the extent to which your energy is not drained. The rest, act, rest, act cycle is very important to embrace this year. To the extent that you rest, you must act and to the extent that you act, you must rest. If you can keep this process in balance you will be far more productive and content than you can imagine. Public recognition for your accomplishments is certainly possible this year, my friend. But even if there are no external accolades given, it is essential that you take the time to personally celebrate your victories. Don’t just rush onto the next thing. When you accomplish something, recognize that. Be sure to truly enjoy your harvest and process it. Take time to reflect on what got you to this point and give thanks.

Mantra: This year, I celebrate my victories and take equal time to rest and act. I am resilient and powerful.

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The Theme: Activation

Any lethargy that 2020 has caused is about to quickly dissipate, my water-bearer friend. There is an activation happening for you where it will become necessary to become more physically active. I only say this because, in order to feel healthy this year, it is essential that your physical activity matches your mental activity. There must be a balance between the two for you to feel vital and energized. It is time for you to go outside, be exposed to the elements and let your body naturally adapt to nature. The more you connect with the aliveness of rain, sun, snow and soil, the healthier you will be. Not only does this help your physical body but this will assist in stirring your senses. Take some time to smell fresh pine sap, to feel the cold ocean on your bare feet, to listen to the wind through the leaves. This helps awaken what has long been stagnant in you, Aquarius. Do you see how there is a difference between rushing around in a state of dissociation and being present in a state of activation? Both are active but one certainly feels a lot better than the other.

Mantra: This year, I find pleasure in being active with presence and participating in activities that stir my senses. I feel alive and vital.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: Inspiration

Whatever endings occurred in 2020 for you, fire signs, have inspired new beginnings this year. You are possessed with a “go get ‘em” type of spirit which is everything we need for this world to heal and flourish. There are possibilities and opportunities a plenty headed your way this year, friends. So enjoy shopping around for what it is you truly want to pursue. All sorts of ideas are flooding in and you are feeling the urge to get creative. However, before you pursue anything full-heartedly it is essential that you take your spark of inspiration and ground it in reality so that it can properly manifest in the physical world. It is possible that this inspiration is also leading you into further spiritual explorations. If this is the case, it may be wise to find a trusted mentor who can help you uncover what it is you are curious about. In essence, there is a propulsion towards creating something from your own curiosity and desires but remember this is just the starting point. This is the year for ideas and planning and less of one for action.

Mantra: This year, I embrace inspiration and creativity to its maximum. I am a free-spirit with limitless potential.


The Theme: Warriorship

It’s time to step into your home archetype, Aries. This is the year for you to fully embody your warrior self. Now notice, I didn’t say “fighter.” There is a huge difference between a warrior and a fighter. Fighters inherently believe that vulnerability is a weakness. Warriors know that vulnerability is a strength. To be a warrior is to feel your fear, your grief, your anger to their fullest extent and use them as fuel to find resilience and wisdom. Courage is not possible without fear and and when one lives with courage, they live from the heart. Your invitation this year, Aries, is to use the inspiration and ideas that come to you to courageously stride into what scares you. If you weren’t afraid of being judged or unseen, what would you do? How would you live your life? Take a look at what it is that scares you. Make a list. Can you consider that what you fear may be the gateway to your greatest gifts? It is time, Aries, to use your power and step into your most evolved self. We need great Warriors on this planet right now. We need you to be brave and act with integrity and honor. This is your time to shine.

Mantra: This year, I embrace the archetype of “warrior” and show up with my whole self. I am courageous and act with integrity.

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The Theme: Studying Inheritance

Where do you come from Leo? What is your blood ancestry? What other cultures have you inherited unrelated to what is in your blood? This year is about taking time to truly examine your material, psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual heritage. Whether or not this is a heritage that you are proud of or embrace it is important to know where you come from and how it influences you now. When you can accept where you come from as one aspect of your being, you can harvest its medicine and utilize this in your everyday life. Let this process be what inspires you this year. When you dig through the lives of your ancestors, or other cultural inheritances you may uncover unexpected gifts. There is room for creativity in this process and you may find that it sparks something in you that you never knew could blossom. Doing so may unite you with others who are in a similar process and understanding the stories of where we come from helps us search for something greater.

Mantra: This year, I enter a process of discovering where I come from and in doing so I better understand where I’m going. I am curious and accepting.

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The Theme: Inward Gazing

It can be your go-to to look to the external world for answers, Sagittarius but this year is beckoning you to view the flame within. This is where you find revolutionary inspiration, my friend. This is where the magic happens. If you take measures to ensure that you have the space and time for inward gazing, this year will be rewarding beyond measure. That doesn’t mean discard the external world and the happenings around you. However, it’s important that you don’t use the external as your solid ground. The only thing that is certain about the external is that it will change and shift. However, if you maintain a steady relationship with your own inner authority, the external shuffling will have little effect on you. Instead, you have an effect on IT. Do yourself a favor and make time each morning to start your day in a place of centeredness. Instead of reaching for your phone, first thing, go outside with a cup of hot tea or coffee, let your bare feet touch the earth and take some time to sit with your eyes open or closed. If you do this or find another method of starting your day in peace, the rest of the day…and the year will feel like an adventure versus a struggle.

Mantra: This year, I understand the importance of turning my attention inward. I am highly intuitive and centered.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Theme: Seeking Closure

What tabs have you left open from 2020, water signs? What projects have been left unfinished or relationships open ended? 2021 is all about finding closure for you, water signs. There is a great wisdom in taking the very last step, putting the seal on your letters to the universe or taking care of the nagging bits at your heart. The sooner, the better, my friend. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that thing that keeps your up at night or seems to be on repeat in some dark corner of your mind. It is time to put it to rest. It’s time to move on from that past relationship or accept that you are a changed person now and get to know who they are in present day If you cannot achieve physical closure, I highly recommend conducting rituals that symbolize ending the chapter that must be closed. Make a list of what you want to leave behind and bury it, burn it, send it down the river. Write that letter to that person and send it to them or cast it out to sea in a (biodegradable) bottle. You have been on this journey for a long time, my friend and now it is time to close this door so new energy can come to you in 2022. You might find yourself in equal parts grief and celebration and that is exactly the right place to be.

Mantra: This year, I seek ways to find closure and leave behind this chapter so I can move on to a personal renaissance. I accept and embrace what was and welcome what will be.


The Theme: Dancing with Ghosts

What is it that is keeping you from moving forward, Cancer? Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of nostalgia and mourning lost opportunities? I have a unique invitation for you, my friend. It’s time to connect with your ancestors and past lives. There is something about those cycles that still seems to have its grip on you, friend. But it doesn’t have to. You have the power to break the chain and put an end to this. You have free will. You have a body in the here and now, something your ancestors don’t have. Create an altar or a sacred space where you can honor your ancestors and/or past lives/ past versions of yourself. Light candles, wish them well and then open the windows of your house. Let those energies fly onward to their new destiny. Beware of people in your life that attempt to ensnare you in their patterns. It is possible that they are from other lives and this is your opportunity to say “no” and to move on. There is no more learning for you there anymore. Write a new story for your life. You can do that you know. You hold that power.

Mantra: This year, I free the past versions of myself and the inherited traumas of my ancestors, writing my own story of what is to come. I am finally liberated.

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The Theme: Intuitive Quest

It has never been so essential that you tie up loose ends this year, Scorpio because what is coming is very powerful, indeed. You are about to embark on an inward quest of your own making. There is a beckoning coming from your inner child who hasn’t heard from you in quite some time. In the center of your being lies an innocence and within that innocence and imagination there are psychic gifts waiting to be unearthed. However, this part of you cannot be reclaimed if you cannot put to rest that which has haunted you these past few years. When you set those burdens down, an enormous space is freed in your heart and a potent spiritual message will become available to you. Can you travel back to a time when you were a child—simply curious about the world and dazzled by the magic of things? What were you drawn to? What made you fill with glee and kept you up at night with excitement? No matter how old you are, there is still something there for you to reclaim for your own. Use this year as a journey of reclamation and you will find a bliss that you had previously thought impossible.

Mantra: This year, I revisit my inner child and reclaim the gifts they have for me. I am untarnished and imaginative.

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The Theme: The Majesty of Vulnerability

It’s true that in the past people have judged and criticized you and it’s true that in the future, people will judge and criticize you but to put it bluntly, Pisces. Who cares? You’ve got important work to do in this world and any judgement from others has very little to do with you and everything to do with them. Of all years, this is a year to leave behind any fakery, any facades and masks that have been exhausting to hold up. It is now time that you are YOU, even if it feels exposing or vulnerable. The world needs you and all your authentic insight Pisces. They may not understand you but if you hold true to who you are at all costs, they will respect you. It is time to take risks with the truth of who you are. You have the strength to deal with the potential backlash. You are infinite and the people that will stick around are the ones you want in your corner anyways. You have gifts, Pisces. You know what I’m talking about. The world has never needed them more than we do now. As our pal, Brene Brown says: “It’s time to dare greatly.”

Mantra: This year, I show up in the world without pretenses and in all my authentic glory. I am beautiful and I am needed.

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