• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

October 31st, 2020 Blue Moon Reading

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Each Full Moon, I draw cards for the month cycle ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations. Feel free to take the mantras from your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. They are all valid to these times.

The Collective:

The Theme: Voice

This moon cycle each one of us on this planet is being asked to examine our communication skills. Are we allowing ourselves enough voice? Or do we need to work on taking a break from the talking and simply listen? Issues of integrity and personal truth are coming to the surface to be examined. Can we allow ourselves to voice our own truth and also accept that others may have a very different experience, perspective and thus a different truth? Can we accept that as individual Universes with infinite complexities unto ourselves, we all work in different realities? You cannot change the truth of another human. That is their work. Your only job is to examine your truth. Are you acting in integrity with what you truly believe? Can you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of a long day and know that you conducted yourself with honesty and integrity? This cycle, a light is shining on all the bits and pieces that are and are not in alignment with who we truly are. Take an honest look and speak up if you have been silent and embrace listening if you have been speaking over others.

Mantra: I am a powerful messenger. When I communicate, I do so with integrity, honesty and inner alignment. Sometimes it is time for me to speak and sometimes it is time for me to listen. I do both in equal measure.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: Head vs. Heart

It is essential that you are aware of the components of your experience this cycle, Earth signs. As naturally very practical, it is rare that you let yourself get carried away by emotion but this year has truly pushed you to your limit. Emotion is not inherently bad. To you, emotions may not seem useful but they are, given the right treatment. All things in balance, dear Earthy friend. You may find yourself on the side of giving into emotion and losing your sense of mind which can be very confusing OR refusing to feel anything and preferring to be cold and detached, (I’m looking at you, Capricorn). When you communicate from either of these places, I’m afraid it may not serve you or others around you very well. It is time to take ownership for your emotions, feel them, and express them in a healthy way. You are allowed to have some crying sessions or to seek the help of guide, mentor or therapist. Consider if you have been feeling numb, that it is now time to become unfrozen. Find somewhere safe to feel the warmth of unconditional love (yours or someone else’s) and melt.

Mantra: It is ok to feel. I find safe spaces to do so and communicate to others with both my head and heart. Both my mind and my heart are powerful allies. I have the ability to see through illusion to the truth.


The Theme: Mental Illumination

Traditionally, people don’t always see your intelligence as cutting, Taurus, but during this cycle, things are about to switch up a bit. You are channeling a certain level of mental gymnastics that puts the air signs to shame. You are feeling an acceleration of mental energy that is laying some of your emotional overwhelm to rest. Take advantage of this and make sure you refine your plans for the next month so you have some boundaries for your ideas to flow neatly to the places they need to go. You have a power of articulation at your disposal that almost feels foreign to you. This is good. You are being pushed out of your comfort zone and into a place where you are being invited to speak your truth. Do it. And yet, do not lose track of how this influences the people around you. Your words may be unusually sharp around this time. While this may feel exhilarating, this is not a tool meant to be used to cut others off from their truth. Use your blade to disarm others and then set both weapons down.

Mantra: I embrace mental acceleration. I use this to speak my truth loud and clear while also being mindful of the effect on others. I plan. I set boundaries and I own my powerful articulation.

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The Theme: Power

Damn, Virgo. I know you are not usually the one to take center stage but this cycle, you are surfing life with a sense of power and electricity that can only be explained as lightning. There are some areas of your life where you have had enough. This cycle, you have what it takes to push off from those situations or let them know how you really feel. But beware, this power comes with a warning label. Both your thoughts and your words are extra mighty. They have the ability to shock people into different states of being. You might, in fact, shock yourself. Use this power wisely as what you say can forever change yours or someone else’s life. Your power is neither good or bad. How you use it will determine whether it is life-giving or destructive. Intention is everything here. Before you speak or communicate, tune in and bring yourself into a place of neutrality and serving the best and highest.

Mantra: I recognize that I have great power at my disposal. I use this power wisely and communicate with intention and presence. I say what I need to say.

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The Theme: Reconnecting

It’s not uncommon for you to act like time is running out, Capricorn. You always work as though everything in the world has a deadline even with certain things don’t. I’d like to flip this notion on its head for you, my friend. It’s not that your hard work isn’t serving you or others around you, Cappy. It’s that you need to stay aware of your intention behind this hard work. If you are working out of fear or scarcity that is one thing. What if you were working because you were listening to that inner voice that knows you came to this planet to create or contribute something beautiful and unique? That’s the stuff right there! It’s time to reconnect with your heart, that thing that you hide so well from the world. What is it that lights you up? That gets you excited? It’s time to round out those edges of yours so you can fully connect with this passion and purpose. Because when you communicate from this space, people will listen. That is when your natural gifts for leadership have the opportunity to truly shine. People don’t want to be given barking orders, they want to hear ideas from a human. They want to hear from you. It’s time Cap. It’s time.

Mantra: I reconnect with what delights my heart. I courageously share it with others and communicate from a heart space. It’s ok to be vulnerable.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: Opening Up

Air signs, it’s been a time, am I right? You’ve had some setbacks and disappointments lately but you’ve been mostly keeping them to yourself. There is some embarrassment perhaps or some negative self talk. You don’t want others to see you as a failure. First of all, it’s so important to ask yourself if how you’ve been talking to yourself is really serving you. Your inner dialogue has power, you know. And you have a way with words so stop writing yourself scathing letters in your mind. Stop it! It’s time to take a step towards opening up. Find someone you trust and speak honestly with them. Let them know how you’ve been feeling. Spill the beans, vent, let it out. The reflection you receive will most likely be, “honey, you are being way too hard on yourself.” And you really are. There are lessons in these moments. Your job is to harvest the lesson (it is, after all, harvest season), forgive yourself for any blunders and enjoy the fruits of your harvest! You can’t undo the past but if you open up and express what needs to be expressed, you create new room in your being for fresh energy and creativity.

Mantra: I communicate honestly to others about what has been weighing on my heart. I receive their love and make room for new expressions and energies to fill me up


The Theme: Restlessness

Like a horse cooped up in a small pen for too long, this time may leave you feeling a bit restless. You are wanting so badly to move ahead—to jump to the next thing. Yet circumstances out of your control are not allowing you to do so. But there is a reason for this, Gem. Sometimes when you hit that red light when you’re late for work, you avoid being involved in an accident at the next intersection. What seems like missed opportunities are actually opportunities themselves to see that you don’t always need to be in motion to be successful. Sometimes the best opportunity might be to avoid action...which I realize does go against your windy and mutable nature. This is a valuable lesson for you. What is yours will come to you and in the meantime, slow down and talk to those who you love. Communicate your frustration and take advantage of the extra time to also dote on those who you adore. Seeing you slow down might be extra wonderful for them.

Mantra: What is mine will come to me. In the meantime, I trust in the timing of things and communicate openly with those I love.

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The Theme: A Blank Canvass

Honey, it’s time to roll your sleeves up, get some paints out (metaphorically speaking or not) and embrace the creative energy that is opening up to you. You are coming out of a period in which you have felt rather disempowered. But what seemed like limitations were actually teachers reminding you that life comes in cycles. You’ve had a very slow and restful cycle and now, the gates have opened again and you have a chance to create whatever your heart desires. No longer do you need to feel victimized by your circumstances. You hold the power, my love and you can paint any picture you’d like. It’s time to communicate to the world through your creativity. Show them beauty, show them truth. If you’re not sure what to create, start with finding what you are most grateful for in this world. Think of some gratitudes. One thing is certain, when you concentrate on this energy, the world will open up to you and you will not be able stop your creative flow.

Mantra: I am no longer a victim. I am a creator and I can paint my world to be any picture I’d like. I have something to say and I’m here to say it.

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The Theme: Ignition

Boom! It’s been all doom and gloom and then ka-BAM! You’re being hit with bolt of inspiration so striking you have little choice but to follow it. Let whatever you’ve been dealing with be the catalyst to make changes. If you feel angry, it’s not a bad thing. You can use that to drive you forward, to make positive adjustments. Do be aware of anger’s destructive nature. Like lightning, this sudden illumination lights up your inner sky in a brilliant way, but also like lightning, it has the power to cause great destruction. Let this stunning clarity drive you forward. Don’t use it for revenge. Use it to further the evolution of humanity! That is what you do best, after all Aquarius. It’s time to step into your destiny, oh powerful water-bearer. Your dharma is knocking. Can you hear it? You have the ability to communicate with astounding clarity. Use it well.

Mantra: I embrace the power of clarity and illumination available to me. I use it to communicate my vision to further the evolution of humanity.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: New Ideas

You have been struck with inspiration, my fiery friends. And as we know, no one gets more, shall we say—fired up— about new projects than you. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for all year. If you have been looking for permission to leap, this is it. Get into the arena because, darling, you have things to say! The great thing is, you're the only one who can express what you'd like to express in unique way that you do. What you are on the verge of is new. We've never seen or experienced it before and you are the messenger. We need your fiery energy to keep us going, to keep us motivated. There may be some opportunities for you to communicate in ways you didn't think were possible. If you have been thinking of teaching that online class, starting that podcast or writing that book, just do it. It really is as simple as saying "yes." Just know that you are at the very beginning of a longer journey. What might seem like a roaring bonfire of enthusiasm at first may die down to just a few embers over time but don't let the fire go out. Even a small flame can keep us warm over time. And a candlelit dinner is far less intimidating than a wildfire.

Mantra: I embrace this new inspiration and act to keep the world warm with my enthusiasm and unique way of expressing. I say "yes."


Theme: Processing

You have had some heartache this year, lamb. That is for certain. And while this has been a shock to the system, it is now time to process any loss and find a cathartic outlet to release these events. Have you considered songwriting? Seriously. Ok, it's maybe not your usual avenue but if it's been a secret calling, it's got your name on it. You need words. You need expression. If you keep all of that angst locked up, it's eventually going to boil over onto the next unsuspecting victim. This is the time to find a way to channel all that you've been feeling into an expression that just feels good. You will find that as soon as you start using your words, those daggers that have been piercing your heart will come sliding on out and then you can begin to heal. This is a process, my love. It may not feel amazing to take those knives out but it's the only way to get fresh blood to the center of your experience. And who knows? Adele wrote her best songs after heartbreak. Your darkness lends itself well to creative expression that may be appreciated by more than just you.

Mantra: I use my words to release any heartache. I find catharsis and creativity in this process and trust that I can heal.

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Theme: Vigilance

My lion love, this time is here to keep you on your toes. Pay attention, stay present and aware because otherwise you might miss the new opportunities that are floating your way. It is time to get back into your senses. I do mean the traditional five but also the others. Claircognizance is especially important during this time. You get gut feelings for a reason, my friend. That little niggle at the pit of your stomach is trying to tell you something incredibly important. There may be a situation, habit or relationship from which you must cut yourself off. Or, conversely there is a new venture that is begging for your attention. Remain vigilant but not with a sense of fear but rather stoic presence. It is time to really connect with the wisdom of your body. The sensations you receive are valuable messages. Sit down with them, make them a cup of tea and hold a conversation. Get to know them as valuable allies and ask good questions.

Mantra: I utilize all my senses to remain present, aware and open to important messages. My body is an ally. It is time I become friends with it.

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Theme: Shift

What seems like destruction or disappointment is really an opportunity. Hear me out, Sag. This month offers you a life-defining moment. If there are things that are crumbling to pieces, it's because they have been falling apart for a while. They must come down. What is unhealthy and no longer serving your alignment must fall away. It is the natural cycle of things. Let each finished piece cascade to the ground like the ballet of Autumn leaves. The exhale is just important as the inhale. Remember this, friend. Nothing inauthentic can survive this and what will be left is that which is real. What is left is true, naked liberation. When you are faced with this process, it can seem very dark indeed but do not be fooled. When you surrender to this experience, you are allowing something extraordinary take the place of what you thought you needed/wanted in your life. It is so much better than you could ever imagine. Take advantage of the crumbling to intentionally add whatever you'd like to leave behind to the rubble. It can feel amazing to shed dead skin. Embrace it. It is real. It is here. And it is for you. You are about to be reborn.

Mantra: This is not happening to me. It is happening for me. I embrace the exhale and surrender to the magnificent transformation that awakens me to what is true.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Theme: Clash

Ok, watery friends, whether by your choice or not you are being thrown into some heated verbal sparring matches. I am here to tell you that "being right" or "winning" doesn't always feel good at the end of the day, especially if you have hurt someone else in the process. Please be mindful during this cycle of all the ways you express yourself. Your words hold tremendous power. People stand at attention when you are given the microphone. Use this power wisely. Are you really willing to jeopardize your relationships? Is what you are saying truly that important? At the very least, know that it is important to pick your battles. Sometimes sitting some out and just listening/processing is equally important. It gives you time and energy to strategize for a better outcome for all. At the end of the day, we have so much more in common than we know. When you chose to engage in conflict, bring intention, presence, dignity and integrity along with you. Because those are things that no one can take away from you. You always have the choice to hold that power. If you show up with those qualities, you cannot lose.

Mantra: I am aware that my words and actions can greatly affect those around me. I communicate with intention and integrity and recognize that deep listening can heal wounds.


Theme: Chance and Choice

Logical clarity seems like it may be a bit out of reach for you during this cycle, my lovely crustacean friend. A cloak of mystery has arrived and along with it a sense that many situations are really more about rolling the dice and watching where the pieces may fall than organizing situations categorically. And yet, even in chaos there is an order—not one that we might traditionally see as tidy, but an order nonetheless. If you choose to zoom out and see things from a different perspective, you may be privy to understanding a mystery that puzzles many of us. Remember, despite any imminent conflict, you have a choice. The bit you have control over is how you react. No power can influence you unless you choose to be influenced. Try taking a step back and pretending like this is all a grand opera playing out before you. How do the characters on stage reflect the unrest stirring inside you? It may not be appropriate for you as an audience member to get on stage and try to change the story. But what you can do is turn your gaze inward and change your story. This is where your true power lies.

Mantra: I embrace the grand mystery playing out before me. In the meantime, I hold the power to change my story and do so with integrity.

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Theme: Calling

Not only is this your season of the year, my scorpion friend. It is your season of life. It is time. You are being asked to step up and embrace your soul gifts. Claim them. You have been cultivating so much not just in this life but in many others. If it seems like it's too big or too grand to step into, it's just big and grand enough. You came to this earth during this time for a reason. It y is time to embody all the wisdom and knowledge you've gained and put it to good use. We need you. You are naturally inclined to work and blossom during times of great mystery and obscurity. You hold the keys to unlock the doors that humanity must learn to enter if we are to survive and indeed, thrive. If you are finding yourself in the middle of conflict, know that you have been placed there because you have what it takes to end it—even if it means taking out that big stinger of yours to get everyone's attention. Take a deep breath. Use your own mode of expression and give voice to what you have long kept secret. It is time.

Mantra: It is time to fully embody and give voice to my soul gifts. I have long held the key to the mystery. I have what it takes to end conflict.

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The Theme: Flow

This time, if you'll allow it, Pisces, can be an opportunity to embrace your natural element. There is a specific flow to the the way the world is functioning. Like a river, you are in that flow. We are all in that flow but you're a fish, Pisces. This is your hometown! You already know how to navigate the rapids and the rocks and how to let the current take you where it will. If you just relax into it, you will not only survive but show the rest of us how to do it too! Teach us about nature taking it's course, Pisces. You understand the big picture in an intimate way. If people invite you into conflict right now, know that they are asking you to swim upstream. You know that it will not serve you to expend unnecessary energy right now. Instead, lead by example. Show them how easy it is to float downstream and they will follow.

Mantra: I allow what comes naturally and follow the current of the way. I choose to surrender to the flow and show everyone how effortless this can be.

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