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Full Moon in Gemini Reading, November 2020

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Repeat it to yourself for the duration of the month cycle.

The Collective:

The Theme: Security

The world is currently going through a time in which our most basic instincts are being tested. We are being asked what security really means to us. If we have grown up in stable, healthy and functional situations, it is easier for us to trust in the way of things. However, if our early lives were filled with chaos and instability, trust can be a difficult thing, indeed. The invitation for this cycle is for all of us to examine where we come from and how it is influencing our current actions. Do we have a strong foundation? If we don’t, how do we begin building one? It is never too late, you know. Surround yourself with people who can help you build yourself up from the ground level. It’s time to examine what it is that you fear. Why are those your fears? Where do they come from? Address the roots and the tree will have no choice but to grow strong.

Mantra: I examine my roots with tender care and love. Even if there is pain in my past, I can still rebuild now. I trust that there is a way beyond fear and that true abundance is my birthright.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: New Beginnings

My earthy friends, something exciting is on the horizon. This isn’t just a new chapter, it is a new book. It is possible that you are completely reforming what the word “home” means to you. Perhaps you have even re-located physically. This is a good thing, Earthies, a very good thing. Although starting over can feel daunting at times, try to view it as the beginning of a very exciting adventure. If you aren’t re-locating or moving, it may be time to do some purging. It’s time to tune into your inner Marie Kando and really examine what is excessive in your life. I know you love your things, Earth peeps but if there is no healthy flow in your living space, it can start to manifest in our bodies as depression or illness. Seriously. View your home as a living, breathing entity that needs fresh oxygen and healthy blood flow. If you don’t make the decision to begin anew, the Universe may make that decision for you and, let me tell you, it feels a lot better when it’s you that’s choosing it.

Mantra: I have the power at any point to transform the meaning of “home.” I welcome new beginnings and fresh starts with a sense of adventure and excitement.


The Theme: Shape Shifting

As the fixed Earth sign, the shifting around of your earthly possessions and home life may feel rather uncomfortable, Taurus. But here’s the thing my love, if you view this process as a space where you can play, suddenly it can become fun—a riot, even! Yes, the invitation during this cycle, Taurus, is for you to play pretend. Use your imagination. Play dress up. Try new things on for size. Would it be crazy to paint your walls deep red? Perhaps. But paint can always be redone. It’s time to try some new things on for size my bull friend. You may just discover a part of you that you’ve missed all along. This process can be the beginning of a true liberation and freedom that you’ve yearned for all year. It just takes one step in a new direction.

Mantra: I allow myself the freedom to shift things around, to try new personas and to experiment. Home can be found in the most unexpected places and I remain open to this.

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The Theme: Yes

Can you say major life changing opportunity? Yes, my friend, there is something coming along that has the potential to rock. your. world. Remember all those times you wished on your birthday cake candles or wrote down what you wanted to manifest? Well, it’s here. It has arrived. The funny thing about getting what you want is that sometimes when it’s actually in your life it can feel scary, terrifying even. Our gal Brene Brown calls this “foreboding joy.” It’s that sensation when your breath catches in your chest because now that what you want is here, you feel you either don’t deserve it, it might be tricking you, it’s not going to last or it’s not real. Well, I’m here to tell you that you DO deserve it, it’s NOT tricking you, it WILL last and it IS real. Your job during this cycle is to say “yes.” Just say yes. The leap may look vast but the Universe will catch you. Take a deep breath. Get ready to receive.

Mantra: I say “yes.” I trust in this great opportunity. I just say “yes!”

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The Theme: Let It Happen

Going with the flow is not your usual schtick, Cappy, so this cycle may bit of a challenge for you. However, if you can find it within yourself to let the river of life carry you versus paddling with all your might to get ahead, you will save yourself a lot of strive and heartache. No matter whether you paddle or not, or hang to the riverbank for dear life, the river is going to the same place. You are going somewhere new whether or not you want to which sometimes may mean feeling a temporary lack of security. This is not a time for excessive striving. Do not exceed your own strength. You will need it for the internal work that is ahead of you. This is a time to turn your attention inward and find your instinct, find your intuition. As a Warrior and as a Leader, it is your duty to not only know your fighting and active nature but also your passive and receptive nature.

Mantra: I let go and let the river of life carry me to new places. I tune in and honor my intuition as my guide.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: Transition

This next cycle finds you in a state of flux, Air friends. You may be asked to leave something behind that felt secure ore safe in order to move to higher ground. As this happens you have the conscious choice of what you’d like to take with you and what you’d like to leave behind. Know that you have this power. Also know, even though it is important to grieve what you leave behind, you are headed in the right direction. This is a true rite of passage for you. It could be the end of a living situation, relationship, job or just a simple internal mental shift. You will be a better person for this, I promise. When you reach the other side, it will all be worth it. Keep your focus on your future and you will be guided through this passage smoothly.

Mantra: I am ready to embark on this new journey. I leave behind what no longer serves me.


The Theme: Become the Artist

Whether by choice or by a push from the Universe, you have been guided into a new leg of your journey, Gemini. There is no turning back now. As the saying goes, “a ship is safe at shore but that is not why ships are built.” Keep your gaze forward and find some creative excitement. You have complete power over what you want this next chapter of your life to look like. You are the captain of this ship. The canvas is blank so take out your paints and start manifesting. Color in the lines and build that which you’ve always wanted. You now now the freedom to do so. So do it! It’s ok to look to astrology and tarot and all the ways of divination but I assure you, you will most likely receive the same message: you have choices. That’s why you came here. Earth is the realm of choices. Find power in this and embrace the creativity of being alive!

Mantra: I am the artist of my own life. Looking forward with excitement, I know I have choices and I take responsibility for my ability to create.

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The Theme: Journey

Life is beckoning you onward. Can you feel it? You are being asked to step out of your comfort zone and leave behind some familiar things to embark on a personal quest of sorts. This journey is not a vacation but rather a pilgrimage toward whatever it is that you find sacred and holy. You have felt it calling you in the wee hours of the morning and now it is time to move towards it. There are no maps for this journey, only you and the small voice inside which will tell you which way to turn and where to travel. Despite the lack of direction on a mental level, you will be guided. Don’t overthink the process, just follow the signs. As with all pilgrimages, it’s not so much about what you will find at the end of your journey but rather the process that gets you there. Make sure you are paying attention. This is the real school.

Mantra: I am ready to embark on a new journey. I stride forth with trust in my deepest self and presence with the lessons along the way.

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The Theme: Face It

Let’s get real, friend. It is likely that a great commitment has been asked or will be asked of you, Aquarius. This is a type of solidity and “showing up” that doesn’t feel comfortable for your more far reaching and imaginative self. This brings up many doubts and fears on your part and leaves you wanting to slink away into the night unnoticed. Also, there might just be certain people, energies or emotions that have been knocking on your door for a while that you would rather avoid altogether. It is ok to turn away from these things and go a different direction. However, consider that ghosting or avoiding may not be the best course of action in the long run. If you do decide you no longer want this commitment or these energies in your life, it is important that you face them head on. Be honest. Communicate with integrity and this next part of your journey will feel much less burdensome.

Mantra: Communicating from my heart, I face the people, energies and situations in my life that I wish to leave behind and make a clean cut from them using integrity and truth. I continue onward unburdened and with a clean conscience.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: Materialism

For many of you, this year has been an unexpected source of material abundance, for others it has been a time of enormous financial losses. No matter which direction this has taken for you, it has left you really contemplating what is truly important in your life. Are getting those designer boots really worth sacrificing another few days witnessing your children growing up? Are those all-nighters really how you want to live your life? If you’ve had significant financial losses, what has this taught you about your community about what is left when the money goes away? What of your spiritual connection? Your deep and nourishing relationships? Are your priorities really where you want them to be? How much is your self-worth tied up in your financial status? These are important questions to be asking yourself during this cycle, my fiery friends. The answers may surprise you, may challenge you and may inspire you to re-define what “security” means to you.

Mantra: I take time to examine my relationship with wealth and abundance. I ask myself important questions and gain clarity on what is truly important in my life.


Theme: Re-Connecting

In Shamanic traditions, disease, discomfort and depression were all related to an illness or disconnection of Spirit. Now, that doesn’t necessarily have to be true for you, my, Aries friend but I’ll invite you to entertain the idea. It’s not your fault that you thought you’d find security and fulfillment in the material world. We are marketed to 24/7 with this idea. And there are lots of wonderful things to possess in this world! We are taught that you can buy true happiness. Well, this cycle is about unraveling that myth, my friend. True contentment can only be found in deep connection with Self, unconditional love for others and soulful relationship with your environment. It is time to re-connect and when you do, a great healing is available to you, Aries. Call upon those you connect with in the Spiritual realm be they Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, Gaia, Higher Self, Source…whatever you’d like to call them. Ask that they help you find a path to true fulfillment and to call your Spirit home.

Mantra: I take inventory in my life to find where connection is absent. I call upon my Higher Self and all those on my team to help me re-connect to my Spirit and to my Heart.

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Theme: Dance

Now this may sound like silly advice given your current circumstances, but stay with me, Leo. You gotta dance. Like, put on some booty-shaking tunes and move that bod. You are facing some major decisions concerning your finances and abundance. You are coming face to face with knowing where your true priorities lie. Perhaps a situation that you thought would provide you with a lot of abundance is not what you hoped for. Perhaps you feel trapped, stuck or having to make sacrifices you hadn’t anticipated. The way forward might seem unclear and that is why you must dance. When you dance, you connect with the timeless wisdom of your body. When you awaken your cells, you awaken your intuition and mental clarity. It is from this place that making sound decisions is so much easier. Moving your body can seem like a strange priority when there are so many responsibilities begging for your attention but it is more important than you know. It symbolizes the forward movement that you are looking for so you can finally come unstuck.

Mantra: I dance. I move. I shake things up and when I do so, I can clearly see the way forward.

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Theme: Shadow Diving

Western culture has an adversity to “shadow work,” in general. We fight the natural process of death and decay to such a degree that we usually try to just turn our backs, tune out or ignore this very organic part of living. You are usually the small light in the darkness, Sag. You perform this function for many people around you and even yourself. However, this cycle is a deeper invitation. When there is even a small amount of light, it is so easy to get caught in the grips of illusion. When there is complete darkness, complete emptiness, our illusions are forced to skitter away. This cycle invites you to embrace the emptiness, the void and the shadow without the need to “skip ahead.” You might realize on some very fundamental level that the things that you thought brought you abundance and security, were in essence, an illusion. Now you are after true security and that can only be found if we dive deep into the murky waters of the unknown. Shadow is simply that which we don’t know about ourselves. This is the realm which will reveal itself to you in this time, Sag. Sit with it, be with it and learn from it.

Mantra: I embrace this time of shadow work and accept the darker side of the cycle. Emptiness has something to teach me and I have the courage to dive into it.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Theme: Collaboration

My watery friends, lately you’ve been finding your security in some measure of isolation. Hiding can be a great coping mechanism when you don't blend in so well with society. It is a good and worthy skill to be independent and self-sufficient but life is nothing without some level of vulnerability and connection. You may see yourself as a loner and sometimes prefer it that way. However, when pursuing their dreams, even the most powerful people do not ascend to great heights by themselves. You need other people, my loves. Success is much easier when collaboration is happening. When you create with others you may find a deeper sense of security and satisfaction than you have in a good long while. To be truly abundant, we must all contribute. When this happens, there is more than enough for everyone.

Mantra: I open myself up to collaborate with others. I see how abundance is available when we all contribute.


Theme: Balance

Ok, Cancer, let me ask you a question. On a scale of being pretty concerned about your earthly affairs and physical body to wanting to escape and live in the stars, where are you these days? Learning to be a human on earth certainly has its challenges, doesn’t it? In the process of being human, it’s important for us to figure out if we are wanting trying to escape this life or are too attached to it. If we can find a nice medium between transcendence and imminence, that middle road is what the Buddha called “the razors edge.” That is the path that will serve you the best, my Cancerian friend. My guess is that your conscious isolation has a bit to do with this dynamic as well. My invitation for you is to notice why it is that you prefer sometimes to be independent, keep others at an arms length or find it difficult to ask for help. Does it have to do with your desire for transcendence? This is an important question to ponder on this cycle, Cancer. It is possible to be in the world, embrace the care of others and still find spiritual fulfillment. In this case, having your cake and eating it too, is quite alright.

Mantra: I examine my relationship with being human and find a greater balance between transcendence and presence. It is ok to let others in and also stay on my spiritual path.

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Theme: Hunting

There is something about this cycle that is inviting you to contemplate your relationship between how you provide for yourself versus how you provide for others. You have a skill, Scorpio, to be exacting in your hunt for what you want. In someways you embody the archetype of the hunter or huntress. This is a unique, powerful and useful skill to possess. Not everyone’s aim is exact as yours. Not everyone has the stomach to be able to pursue your desires as ambitiously as you do. However, whether or not you like it or not, you are part of a village—the human village. As self-sufficient as you can be, you need people and they need you. Many more than you know, find a sense of basic security in you because they know you can provide sustenance and that you almost never come home empty handed. In the same end, it is important to not over-hunt. When pursuing what it is you want, whether it be abundance, career advancement or finding a worthy lover, do not let your ambition overtake your ability to see what is poison and what is sustenance. It is ok the come back empty handed sometimes and be supported by the village as well.

Mantra: I embody the archetype of the hunter/huntress. I find ways to use this archetype to develop nurturing relationships where we share the sustenance that we take turns providing.

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The Theme: Readiness

There is something stirring within you, Pisces. Can you feel it? A creative and passionate restlessness is on the edge of your consciousness. It seems you may be getting ready to embark on a quest of your own making, to leave behind a sense of security and stride forth with courage into the world. However, my advice for the time being is to slow your roll. No great quest has been accomplished alone. It is important to ask yourself who your allies can be along the way. It can be tempting to rush ahead and tell everyone that you can do it by yourself. But the truth is, it will feel so much better and be that much easier if you have some worthy souls walking with you down this path. They can’t walk it for you, but they can walk beside you and that is a very important distinction for you to make, Pisces. You have vision and motivation. I have no doubt about that, my friend. However, it is important to channel that vision properly and part of this journey is to share it with others.

Mantra: I recognize my lust for adventure and also acknowledge the need to summon my allies and friends for this next great chapter. I can keep my fervor and still plan.

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