• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

Full Moon in Leo, January 2021 Reading

Traditionally, each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Keep it close to you for the duration of this month.

The Collective:

The Theme: Responsibility

During this cycle, the Universe is prompting humanity to take a good hard look at ourselves. We are being asked to take a deeper gaze within and really open our eyes to any part of ourselves that is inflamed or living in illusion or denial. So many of us, whether we are conscious of it or not (many of us are numbed beyond awareness at this time) have a part of ourselves that is screaming “I don’t want to look! I don’t want to look!” It can feel so much safer to keep the soft blindfold over our eyes. But in doing so, we continue to stumble around in the dark, frantically searching for what may fulfill us on some deep level. The hungry ghost is real. Whatever situation is going on in your own personal life and on the macro scale must be dealt with with the lights on. It is time to shed the veil we have kept for so long that we thought was protection. It is not protection, it is resistance. When we take the blindfold off, we evolve—plain and simple. When we see things for what they are and feel the pain of that bright light shining in our eyes which may be grief, shame, rage, only then can we step forward. If this sounds intense, that’s because it is. But the time of soft platitudes has passed. Now is the time to be real and experience what truly needs to be processed through our bodies. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. If we let this process come from a place of curiosity, the light may not be so blinding after all.

Mantra: I take responsibility for what is real and allow myself to recognize illusion for what it is. In doing so, I find the ability to respond…response-ability.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: The Responsibility of Inspiration

It is likely that you will soon find yourself possessed with new ideas, my earth friends. Inspiration is near and comes from the most unexpected places. There is a level of excitement that comes along with this as you have been hungering for a new direction and new projects. Rest assured, they are coming your way. However, it is essential that you slow this process down and ground your inspiration into reality. This is how you will successfully manifest that which you want to come through you. Take some time and wield that enthusiasm towards strategizing and planning. This is a strong suit of yours Earth friends and it is more important now than ever that you meet this process with this strength. Make sure that what you are planning is doable and not going to lead to burnout. You all can be workhorses sometimes. You get the job done but at what cost? Is it really worth it to sacrifice your health or the health of your personal relationships in the process? This may may not be the season to act on the idea, but rather the season to plan it out. Approach new chapter with a sense of humility, openness and curiosity. Also consider that seeking out a mentor who may be able to help you will be beneficial.

Mantra: I take responsibility for the eminent inspiration coming my way and take the time to plant it strategically and lovingly.


The Theme: The Responsibility of Inspiring Discernment

There is no doubt that opportunities are about to fall out of the sky for you, my Taurean friend. Now whether or not you should take them is the real question. I invite you to see that even what we might consider “missed opportunities” are opportunities within themselves. Truly, there are no “missed opportunities” only lessons. In this chapter it is important for you to recognize that all possibilities are open to you but not all opportunities are appropriate. It is more important now than ever to take each opportunity and sit with it. Weigh it. Feel it’s texture and quality. What do you sense about it? What voices come up in your head when you have it in your hands? There may be voices that are scared or excited. Most often, those are the voices that stem from trauma or survival. There is a deeper voice, a quieter voice that speaks calmly and plainly. It may not tell you what you want to hear but it will tell you the truth. Make sure when you are making decisions about these opportunities that you listen to that voice. What is yours will come to you, that is for certain. That may mean turning down some things and embracing others. Use discernment and make sure it is coming from a true and aligned place.

Mantra: I take responsibility for my ability to use discernment. Some opportunities are for me and some are not and that is perfectly alright.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Inspiring Surrender

Responsibility is not necessarily a dirty words for you Virgo. You are great at responsibility, in fact, perhaps a little too good at times. Your responsibility during this time is a little bit different than for the other signs. It is time to let go of your tight grasp, of feeling that you must do it all alone or constantly coming from a space of “trying.” There is a larger power at work here. You can call that whatever you want, the Universe, God, Source, Her, Energy. It is time to take a deep breath and step back a little. You do not make the sun rise each morning. Trust the force that does. It does not expect you to make the sun rise and it very much hopes that you don’t take it it upon yourself to try to do so. When you take a moment to bow to the great Mystery of things and ask for it to work through you and show you the way, beautiful things can happen, my Virgo friend. Don’t rely on your own strength. You can’t. It’s impossible. Lean into the Source of all things. It’s got you, baby. Set aside your agenda so you can listen with clear ears to the real plan. This is how your ideas will become manifest in the world.

Mantra: I take responsibility for my ability to surrender. I rest in the arms of the great Mystery and let it work through me.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Inspiring Destiny

Before we get into this, Capricorn, can I just say…wow…you have got some amazing forces on your team. Whatever you call them, guides, guardians, ancestors are really surrounding you at this time. They are here because this is a big moment for you, my friend. A large part of your destiny is about to be revealed. Your responsibility during this next cycle is to have the courage to step into your realized Self. It is imperative that you leave distractions behind and create strong boundaries in your life right now so that you have the space to move into the next version of yourself. This is not about self-improvement. This isn’t a Tony Robbins moment so don’t fall into the temptation of needing to “craft” yourself into something specific. This is about trusting the path and recognizing that any irritations are not obstacles, they are the opportunities to launch you into who you are meant to be. It is ok to ask for guidance during this time but it is likely that you already know what to do. Trust that. This is big. Deep breaths.

Mantra: I take responsibility for fully stepping into my destiny. I approach this moment with equal parts trust and courage.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: The Responsibility of Transformation

Change is in the air. Can you smell it, air signs? Things are shifting and they are shifting rapidly. This might mean that you are being asked to leave behind something in order to step into a brighter future. What is it you need to set down? Be honest with yourself. Are you resisting this change? As the saying goes, what you resist persists and it’s time, friends. It’s time to move forward. This in between limbo is no longer serving you. When you say “yes” to this change and embrace it, you will be surprised by the energy and newness available to you. This process can also be taken in a conscious way. You can consciously and bravely step into the change by breathing through fear, examining your limiting beliefs, changing habits and even doing a physical purging of some type. This may mean taking part in a ceremony. It can be as simple as sitting with yourself for half an hour and breathing in change and letting go of stagnancy or as complex as turning to the trusted facilitation of a plant medicine ceremony. Change is coming whether or not you like it, my love. But I can tell you this, if you embrace it with open arms, the impact will be much softer.

Mantra: I take responsibility for the change headed my way. I embrace it so it can embrace me.


The Theme: The Responsibility of Transforming Success

Everything you thought you knew about success has been or will be turned on its head, Gemini. What you thought you desired years ago came from a younger version of yourself who thought they knew what would make them happy. But is it still making you happy? There are so many things that promised to be fulfilling because we were told they would be. However, you are in the process of discovering that true fulfillment is only something that you can know. Nobody can prescribe it to you. It is your journey to discover this for yourself. True success supports your heart. That is the truth and it’s time to take a hard look at what surrounds you. Is this supporting your heart? Is this enriching your soul? If it’s not, it’s time to gently send it down the stream and move forward. Now is the time to truly contemplate your priorities, my love. Until you know what they are, you cannot work for greater alignment. It is time to re-define what real abundance is. When you understand this and accept it deeply in your heart, you can work towards meaningful change.

Mantra: I take responsibility for re-defining success in my life. I allow my values to shift and welcome the abundance that comes as a result.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Transformational Allowance

Life is pushing your canoe over the waterfall, Libra. Can you feel it? Are you struggling to stay at the top of the cliff, digging your oars into the sand and watching your boat get thrashed about or are you ready to let go and let the water take you over the edge? What comes next feels beyond your comfort zone and to be fair, it makes sense. It’s new territory. This can go one of two ways, resisting what is to come or allowing it to wash over you. I can tell you, there is a lot more strife with the former. The latter provides you with more ease than you can imagine. Instead of thinking that you need to do the moving, let yourself be moved. There is nothing you need to do except allow. Approach this coming change with awareness and grace. There is no need for you to try to make this effortless. The inherent movement makes it so. Believe me when I say that the waters at the bottom of this waterfall are calm and lovely. You may even want to get out of your boat and swim a bit. Welcome to a new plane of existence. It has been waiting for you for a long time.

Mantra: I take responsibility for allowing change. I let go and let myself be moved by the current of life.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of a Transformational Calling

The whisper that has been with you for years is now a shout. There has been an invitation on your doorstep for a while, Aquarius. You know what you need to do. This deep calling has been waiting for you to pick up the phone for so long. Do you feel resistance? Good. Sometimes it’s those callings that we have the most resistance around that are the most important to answer. Those are the callings that cause our souls to grow. This is the right place and the right time to answer and while you’re at it, make sure to drop the “how?” All you need to do is take one step forward. That’s it. Just one step towards your calling. Don’t look to anyone for permission. They most likely will not provide it. It’s you who must allow yourself to start the journey. Don’t overthink it, just say “YES.” You may find yourself craving a plan but that’s not how this part works. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and trust to answer your deepest knowings and most people never do. But you are not most people. Also know, that this is not just a one time answer. It’s a lifelong dance. But it’s time to get on the dance floor, my friend. It is time.

Mantra: I take responsibility for answering my deepest calling. It is time to step forward towards what I know is right.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: The Responsibility of Directness

As our friend John Mayer says “say what you need to say!” Now is the time to be forthright, my fiery friends. But I want to be clear here. I know it can be easy with your fiery nature to get carried away with passionate speech or thought. When I say be direct, I mean that it is important to communicate clearly and come from a place of straightforward logic and clarity. Keep your words simple and succinct. Speak from a place of deep truth. During this cycle, the world relies on your communication to cut through the bullshit. It has been hard for most of us to see through the fogginess of these past few years and the Universe is bestowing upon you the gift of clarity during this cycle, fire friends! Utilize it. Communicate what you discover. Set good boundaries and show us how it’s done. If you set up expectations upfront for how you expect to be treated, you gain people’s trust and respect. Being honest during this time is imperative. People may or may not love what you have to say but they will ultimately respect and trust you more because they see you are an honest person.

Mantra: I take responsibility for communicating truth with directness. In doing so, I gain respect and trust from others and for myself.


The Theme: The Responsibility of Direct Nourishment

This next cycle promises to be an incredibly fulfilling time for you, Aries. You will not be without. However, it may prompt you to call into question the true meaning of profit and gain. It is time to get clear on this, my friend. What does profit mean to you? What does gain mean to you? Be logical about this and sort out the reason behind your wealth and/or possessions. Is this what you need right now? Is this true fulfillment or is it more about your own autonomy and connection with your will? Our possessions are symbols and in the end, there is nothing that we truly possess in this world except for perhaps our souls. This time also speaks to strategizing and concerving that which you gain to spend it in a way beneficial to the whole. Abundance comes with great responsibility, love. I invite you to see that true abundance is one that is shared. You have finally risen to your throne and now the kingdom looks to you for guidance. Guide responsibly and fairly. Spread your abundance and nourish those around you and you will never feel without again.

Mantra: I take responsibility for spreading my abundance and nourishment around. This, in turn, provides me with real sustenance that is deeply fulfilling.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Direct Mothering

Who or what are you mothering? Who or what is mothering you? Whether or not you are a physical mother in this life, we all birth ideas, projects and concepts on the daily. This does make you a mother in some capacity. Of course, you are a physical child as well but also a child of the great Mother whatever that might mean to you. It is time to connect and communicate with your children, ideas or projects directly and be open to the direct communication of your physical mother or the Great Mother herself. Not all of us were taught direct communication growing up but learning this ability and applying it opens many doors for you, my Leo friend. Life most likely has you going through a transition of some sort right now and I’m here to tell you that the Cosmic Mother’s direct communication is “ I got you, kid.” If you are struggling, things will work out but it is imperative that you speak your truths in a succinct manner. This is not about getting emotionally bunched up or about giving passionate speeches. It’s about stating things in one or two powerful sentences. Get clear on your needs. Ask for them. Set boundaries. This too, is a form of love—of mothering.

Mantra: I take responsibility for directly communicating my needs as a “mother” or to a “mother.” This brings about healing and needed change.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Direct Power

Boom. And suddenly things are clear. Like waking up from a long fever or falling through ice into freezing waters, your senses are about to come alive with the truth, Sag. The truth is brilliant, blinding even. There is a swift cutting quality to it which feels refreshing after the slog of this past year. The truth is bestowing you with a great power. You are being shown your power. And it may come in a flash just like lightning. But you will see it and it shall be revealed in all its glory. The invitation here is to see your power, to embody it and also to be humbled by it. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. This sudden bolt is here to jolt you into accepting your destiny and the duties that come along with it. This power is not here just for you. It is here to help you serve the whole. Truly great leaders are servants at heart. What is your role in the ecosystem? How can you use your lightning power? Can you become a conduit between heaven and earth and show us how to connect these worlds? That’s what we need more than ever, my friend—a bridge between polarities. You have that power. Show us how it’s done, archer!

Mantra: I take responsibility for the directness of my power. I use this to empower others and form bridges.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Theme: The Responsibility of Maturation

To bear the mark of water in your chart can be simultaneously the most rewarding and yet challenging aspect at times. Whether or not you show this to the world, you feel it all, my friends. There is a language of emotion that runs deep it you even if it means you just like to analyze emotions (I’m looking at you Scorpio). During a time when the world is experiencing collective grief on a scale never quite seen before, we need your expertise water friends. We look to you. This is your territory. We need leaders who are willing to step up and say “hey, look at you being vulnerable, I know it’s scary. I’ve been there. But this is real. Grief is real. Grief is what brings us together. Let us grieve together. Let’s feel together. Because we cannot heal unless we feel.” We need leaders willing to be real and vulnerable. As we move forward, this will be the new form of leadership—authenticity. So if you are feeling the pain of the world right now, good. It means you are a leader. This is the trick however—there is a difference between vulnerability that connects and vulnerability that continues the story of victimhood. This is where the real maturation is. When you step up, which it is certainly time to do, make sure you do so with this distinction present.

Mantra: I take responsibility for my emotional maturity. I step up to lead with vulnerable heart, ready to connect.


The Theme: The Responsibility of Mature Perseverance

You are so close, my friend. Can you feel it, can you taste it? It has been such a long journey. Personal projects or deep spiritual journeys are reaching a conclusion in some way and you are tired. I get it, love. You have every right to be exhausted. So, take a pause. Take a break, curl up inside your shell and recharge. You’ve earned it. And then...come back out with full force, ready to finish what you started. You can do it. Use your remaining energy to cut cords with what is weighing you down so you can make it to the finish line. Take time to reflect on what you’ve learned on this journey—how you’ve grown and matured. Because you have, love. You really have. Gather your pearls of wisdom and use them to roll on into the final leg. Dig deep and find the perseverance that you have been cultivating during this time. This is what we call resilience, my crab friend. You can and will use this ability for the rest of your life and it will unavoidably teach others about their own strength as well. Welcome out of the belly of the beast, you are in the ascent.

Mantra: I take responsibility for my persevering spirit. I am resilient beyond words and I will get to the finish line.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of Mature Innocence

Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it Scorpio? Mature innocence. However, upon closer inspection you may realize that it’s a paradox. This is the time, from your current vantage point of maturity, to reclaim your innocence. We often think this is something that can be taken away from us but this is absolutely untrue. When it comes down to it, our primal innocence is one of the few things in life that can never be touched. We just bury it with so many conditionings, expectations and traumas. We never give it breathing room and so we believe it has disappeared altogether when it is with us all the time, so very close to our hearts. I would argue that the very definition of wisdom is mature innocence. It is the return of the hero on his/her/their journey. They use all that they’ve gained as tools to unearth that which they were originally born with—a pure heart. This is a powerful cycle for you my friend where it’s time to do some digging. It might feel like an archeological expedition but then, being your Scorpionic self, that may be right up your alley. Use your investigative skills to dive deeper and find you. When you reclaim this, you teach the world to reclaim it as well. Happy digging!

Mantra: I take responsibility for reclaiming my innocence. I find wisdom in the core of who I am and apply all that I’ve learned to embody maturity.

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The Theme: The Responsibility of a Mature “No”

Many of us, especially if we identify as women, have been programmed in this life to be agreeable and to simply take whatever is thrown at us and work with it. However, it is time to take a pause from your regularly scheduled programming, Pisces. Wait. Postpone. Make some space. Say no. It is incredibly important that you use this waiting period as a time to practice some patience until something comes along that is a 100% full body, orgasmic “YES!” It can be easy to just grab at what is offered to us in fear that something better won’t come along. But this is a mentality of survival, not thriving. This is the definition of a scarcity mindset. We all have it. But there is a different way, my friend! There is a wisdom in the waiting. Sometimes when things are foggy and confusing, it is the waiting that is the guidance. Flowers aren’t blooming all year and neither should you. Waiting and resting periods are necessary and ultimately a very evolved and mature way of navigating life. The waiting prepares you like a slingshot being pulled back. Stay in the slingshot. Stay in the waiting because when the time is right you will be propelled into something unimaginably exhilarating.

Mantra: I take responsibility for waiting ‘till the right moment. I wait for a loud resounding “yes” and enjoy the rest offered to me in the meantime.

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