• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

Full Moon in Libra, March-April Reading 2021

Traditionally, each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Keep it close to you for the duration of this month.

The Collective:

The Theme: Vision

When you close your eyes, what do you see? If you gaze inward, do you see that other parts of your are closed too? Perhaps those parts of you are trying to keep it dark so that some true inner vision may appear. It 's ok to be in the dark. That is the space of potentiality. At this time, so many of us are waking up to the fact that we possess inner vision. If you close you eyes long enough, if you shut out all the other distractions, something surprising will arise. What that is, I cannot say because for every person on this planet, it may look different. However, during this brilliant season when the green of the earth is re-awakening (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so too is our inner color pallet. Just as Spring paints the world, so too are we beginning to see that we have the ability to paint the canvass of our inner landscape. We are starting to see clearly that something has handed us a paintbrush and given us a vision. Pay attention to your dreams during this cycle. Each human is being handed a piece of the grand puzzle. Sudden realizations, deep clarity and intuitions are bound to surface during this time. This is not the time to act on those visions, but to closely observe them and document them as they come in. These are the seeds. These are the beginnings and we must give them time to settle.

Mantra: I am a visionary. I receive my visions with care, humility and gratitude, trusting that what I see fits into the larger puzzle. I trust. I trust. I trust.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: Pausing for Vision

If you are well acquainted with you intuitive promptings, Earth friends, you are getting an inkling that you need to slow down and take some time to reflect. My suggestion is to follow this intuition and indeed find ways to take a pause from your usual programming or else the Universe will gladly do it for you. In some cases, you may have already had an event that has turned your world upside down. Perhaps there is a reason for this. Perhaps, you are meant to see things from a different perspective. Perhaps the reason you are stuck is because there is something you are meant to see in this position. If possible, stop struggling and fighting to get out of where you are. Take a breather. Take a moment. Open your eyes, look around you. What do you see? As our friend Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." You cannot continue doing what got you here and expect to break free. Instead, take a moment to observe your surroundings. If you pause and sink into what is for long enough, you may find that new vision becomes available to you. It may not be so scary "down here" after all. In fact, there may be undiscovered treasure which will whisper to you the riddle of freedom that will take you back to your usual world with new insights and wisdom.

Mantra: Wherever I am, I pause, breathe and accept my current position. I trust. I trust. I trust.


The Theme: Pausing for Deeper Vision

"Sam! We've been here before!" If it feels like you're right back where you started, you are half correct. You see, while it feels like you've been going in circles, in truth, you have been moving in a spiral. So yes, you are positioned where you were before but one level deeper. Perhaps the same pattern has emerged in your life and you are left feeling frustrated because you thought you were over it. Am I right, Taurus? It has re-emerged for a reason, my friend. You have been growing. This journey has not been for nothing. The same lesson is swinging back around again because now you are a different person. The path has changed you and so you have the opportunity to approach this pattern from a different angle. My suggestion? Utilize this time to travel deeper to the center of your own knowing. There is a clear vision but it is down deep. Envision yourself walking down a long spiral staircase deeper, deeper and deeper within. At the very bottom there is you. Yes, you! Maybe it's you that you've been search for this whole time. Perhaps that you has some quiet, calm and clear messages to share. Listen. Here you will receive your vision.

Mantra: I may be visiting old patterns but now I have new wisdom to carry me through. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Pausing for Generosity's Vision

Are you ready to share as much as you receive? Are you ready to receive as much as you share? The cycles of karma, of give and take, the natural cyclical order of flow are becoming more and more apparent for you during this time, Virgo. It is essential that whether or not by your own choice, you take pause to observe this motion. The dams of abundance have broken open and if you are not already surrounded by a new influx of opportunities, you soon will be. It is important to see that these opportunities are here to flow through you, not to stop with you. What we often envision as abundance is an accumulation of "things." However, what this cycle is teaching you is that perhaps abundance is something a little different. Perhaps abundance is not a still, stuck accumulation but a continuous stream that flows through you. After all, our bodies need a healthy circulation of blood to function well. Is this not abundance? The acts of receiving, creating and giving are each so, so delicious. All three steps are necessary to experience the lushness of abundance. Perhaps if you find yourself stuck, ask yourself where you are in this flow. Are you receiving too much? Are you creating too much? Are you giving too much? Use this time to adjust accordingly.

Mantra: I receive just as much as I give. I give just as much as I receive. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Pausing for Volatility's Vision

I will begin by saying, there is nothing to fear, Cap. So keep this in mind while we explore what this next cycle has in store for you. Something that goes far beyond your means of control has been rumbling for quite some time. For someone who thrives when they can manage situations with ease, these shifting experiences can sometimes (pun totally intended) get your goat. Upheaval is inevitable. It is the only way to pave the way for living ground. Volcanoes may seem violent and terrifying up close, but they are how gorgeous, fertile land comes into being. I want to be clear here, you are not in or near the volcano. You are in a space where you can view it from afar. Watching what appears to be destruction and doing nothing about it can be a really difficult place to be for you, friend. But you cannot stop a volcano from erupting, you cannot stop the waves from crashing on the shore. You are not meant to. These events occur to show you humility and to honor the greater scope of life. While it may feel like you are stuck in this position and not able to "do anything" about it, I invite you to take a different perspective. Native Hawaiians worship the volcano Goddess Pele because they know that she if the force that shapes sacred land. See if you can zoom out a bit here Capricorn and see the bigger picture. Perhaps this shifting is necessary.

Mantra: I view these shifting, changing times with great reverence and humility, knowing there is medicine here. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: Inner Child Vision

Remember when you used to have fun, air friends? Yeah, it's time to do that again. There is no denying that things have been heavy lately...or really, for a while. But the sun is emerging, new life is bursting forth from the ground, even nature is getting playful during this time. Can you feel the shift? You have permission...yes, get out there! Dance! Get goofy! Roll in the mud! Play pretend. If this year was a day at school, this cycle would be your recess. Think back to what it was that you enjoyed as a young child. Were you enraptured by a particular instrument? Did finger-painting get you excited? Did you like to dig in the dirt? It's time to revisit those moments of pure transporting joy because within those, there are messages for you. When you do things that delight your sweet heart, a new way of seeing the world, emerges. Break out of your boxed-up, stodgy patterns and try something new. Get silly. Find ways to giggle. Reclaiming these parts of yourself is a revolutionary act and it's possible at any point in your life. When you rest in a place of play, ideas flow freely and the way forward will be crystal clear. This, I guarantee.

Mantra: I revisit what it means to play and have fun, reclaiming my inner child and listening to them with an open mind. I trust. I trust. I trust.


The Theme: Shining Inner Child Vision

Now, listen up, your little lightbulb and repeat after me "I __________ hereby, do solemnly swear to never dim my radiant beautiful light again. Not for anyone or anything." If you are dimming yourself to accommodate others it's because they are small or insecure. They have their own light too, they're just afraid to look for it. That is not your concern, Gemini. Your only job this cycle is to shine and shine bright. This is your medicine, love. You make people laugh, you help people see the lighter side of life, you bring others in higher communion with the divine. You have the gift of the gab. You bring people together through your words and your silly antics. Someone must have told you along the way that you were "too much." Well, it's probably because they felt they were not enough. Now is the time to reclaim this, my friend. Who were you before anyone cut you down? Who is that child spirit inside who sees life in such simple and clear ways? It's time to get reacquainted with them. In the same way that the Universe is constantly expanding, so too, are we meant to expand. Be expansive, Gem. That is who you are meant to be. Take up space and shine.

Mantra: I know that shining is my super power and I allow myself to be as expansively bright as I wish. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Examining Inner Child Vision

Self-realization can be annoying. The self-help, yoga industry tries to seriously glamorize it but when it comes down to it, it's the places that we don't want to look that have the most medicine. The nit and the grit, the things that turn our stomach, that make us want to look away—we all have blind spots. All of us. So, how does this relate to your inner child, Libra? In more ways than you might imagine. This cycle calls for self-examination and upon closer inspection, can you see that underneath it all, just like every other person on the planet, you're a child? Over time, you have had to close yourself to the more innocent and open parts of your being to protect your precious spirit. You have done what you've needed to do to survive. However, haven't you wondered what it would be like to go beyond survival? What if you could thrive? What would that look like? I invite you to consider the possibility that thriving is not only a possibility but a right. It is your right to thrive in this life. If that concept feels foreign to you, I invite you to examine that within yourself that you've closed off. When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream? To believe in a little magic and mystery? There are treasures to be found within, Libra. Look closer.

Mantra: I dare to examine my blind spots and see that through a child's eyes, I am limitless. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Quirky Inner Child Vision

As your archetype suggests, Aquarius, you've got some quirk. And thank god! If this world is to progress at all, we will need people with your rebel vision. Unfortunately, as you may be intimately aware, your whimsy is not to everyone's taste. To be honest, those who don't approve, are seriously missing out on your unique perspective. However, I understand that it can be difficult to totally own your whole self if it comes at the cost of losing the acceptance of those you hope to impress. On the other hand, it's a great litmus test for who your true people are. Those who can't handle you are not your crew. Do you know how much energy it takes to suppress your true self? Can you think of all the things you could do if you had that energy back? Sometimes I think one of the reason children have seemingly limitless amounts of energy, is because they are free to express themselves (mostly) as they are in true form. Suppressing our authenticity and masking ourselves is exhausting—plain and simple. It's time to weigh the costs and benefits. What's the worst thing that could happen if you face your true north and stride towards it unapologetically?

Mantra: I embrace my whole self, with deep appreciation for my quirks. I trust. I trust. I trust.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: Visions of Perseverance

It's clear, fire friends, that during these past few cycles, you have created some beautiful things. Ideas have been coming to you and with your passion and drive you have put projects, relationships and inspirations into play. People are starting to notice. You will start to receive more and more well-earned acknowledgement for your efforts. It is important to celebrate this. Also know, that as you gain more traction and attention, you may also receive some unwanted feedback or attention. Your job this cycle is to sort through what is useful feedback and projected intolerance. It's possible that some are jealous of your success, others simply gain a sense of power by tearing others down. The light attracts all types of insects. Your connection to intuitive promptings has brought you this far and sometimes it can be difficult to continue when this unwanted attention comes into play. However, if you dig deeper, you might see how some is useful feedback and others can further cement your vision of what you'd like to offer in this life. I encourage you to literally visualize what it looks like when you are burning at your brightest, like a flame. The flame does not shrink back from the insects. It continues to burn. Continue to burn, my friend. Continue.

Mantra: I believe in my vision and despite any opposition, I continue, I persist. I trust. I trust. I trust.


The Theme: Unifying Visions of Perserverence

Everything is connected. Everything—the people you serve, those with which you are close, even the ones who criticize you or compete with you. There is no separation. With this knowledge in had, how do things change for you? In what ways are you being called to show up in the world? If everything is connected, if everything you do has an absolute ripple effect, it means that you count. What you do counts. Even the smallest of acts like smiling at a stranger could have a profound effect on the course of their life. Your work, your service and your love are changing the world. You are changing the world. With this knowledge, how could you possible stop your work. Yes, you may be receiving criticism and the trolls are always out to play but even the trolls are influenced by you. If they weren't they wouldn't be out trolling. It means you're doing something right. Whatever it is that you are doing in this world, Aries, know that even your competition and your adversaries are connected to you. How you respond to them can offer them the chance for healing and connection or can further their suffering (which is usually the place these types of criticisms come from). This is not to say you need to go out and save those who oppose you or be kind to those who abuse—simply that how you purport yourself matters. If you stay true to your vision and treat others with integrity no matter what they throw at you, you win. What goes around comes around.

Mantra: I continue intrepidly on my journey and treat everyone and everything like they are my relations. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Reconciling Visions of Perseverance

If there is anyone in the zodiac who can turn a negative into a positive it's you, Leo. And if there was ever at time that it was needed more, it's now. What are the most troubling events and relationships in your life right now? What are the lessons they are trying to teach you? This cycle truly invites you to find ways to bring much needed closure to all that is needs to be completed. This means possibly exiting some relationships or agreements. If this is the case, it is possible to do it with grace and nobility. You know this, that's your wheelhouse. There is no more time for your fears to prevent you from standing in your convictions. You know what is right in your heart. You already know it. It's time to reach out, forgive those who have wronged you and apologize sincerely for your errors. This sounds like hard work, but ultimately if there are things left unsaid—there are energy leaks in your life that take away from your vitality. Having unfinished business is exhausting. I understand there may be cases where it is impossible to express yourself directly to those people. If that is the case, write a letter, read it out loud and pretend that they can receive it. Burn it. Send it down the river. Know that your intention will be received in the grand scheme of things. Some may not agree with the direction you take but stand strong. You know what is right.

Mantra: I do what is necessary to reconcile with my past relationships and experiences, finding peace at last. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Rebirthing Visions of Perseverance

This season is having more an effect on you than the other signs, Sagittarius. The renaissance is real for you and it's about time. Much has been gestating in you for so long. Breyathe the fresh air and relish in the strength that it has taken to get you here. You have had to endure more than most and yet you persisted. Let this be a lesson for you in that everything is cyclical. The seasons. Your lessons. Nothing lasts forever. It always changes. And in this case, it is a much welcomed change. Light and warmth are starting to increase in nearly every aspect of your life. It can be tempting to want to rush ahead into full throttle but I invite you to follow the pace of the season. These feelings are new, fresh, young. Allow them their innocence and their time to play. Nothing can be forced to blossom. It will do so in its own time. Know that any tears you have shed over the past few cycles have fertilized the ground for what is now beginning to grow. Take stock in this and honor all that you have endured. So shake off any cobwebs from what was before and allow yourself to spread your wings. Hope is in the air and it is well deserved.

Mantra: I embrace the birthing motion of this season with a full heart, deeply respecting that which I have endured. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Theme: Visions of Relationship

This cycle prompts you to think of love and it's various manifestations, my watery friends. Have your notions of love been satisfied? Why or why not? Are you even clear on what love is? Do you feel love for yourself? These are all important questions to be asking at this time. Have you been honoring the intentions of your heart and also meeting your loved ones halfway? If you have been feeling any tension or conflict in your relationships, including the one with yourself, now is the time to address this. Reflect truly on how you have been feeling, what you have been needing and how others might be able to meet these needs. Then with as much attention and care, reflect on and ask others how they have been feeling, what they need, how you may be able to assist them in those needs. In any conflict, even the ones with ourselves it is essential that we become deeply aware of our feelings and needs. Perhaps there may be parts of yourself that have different feelings and needs. Let them have a conversation with one another. Can you find ways to get all of those needs met? What does it look like of all feelings were addressed and all needs met? If there is a will, there is a way.

Mantra: I visualize the types of relationships with others and myself that I desire, knowing that this requires me to understand feelings and needs. I trust. I trust. I trust.


The Theme: Beautiful Visions of Relationship

What is beautiful to you, Cancer? What pierces your heart and causes you to blossom open into yourself? If you consciously surround yourself with beauty this cycle, more of it shall come into your life. If you share your beauty with others, they will be reminded of their own beauty. This goes beyond the surface. When something is truly beautiful not just by sight but by feeling, it has the power to soften the world and depart from violence. It is a stronger power than you can imagine. Part of what makes something beautiful is that it is ephemeral. Life is constantly shifting and moving but it is full of beautiful moments that we don't often recognize. Can you slow down enough to see them, Cancer? There is a feast for you, if you choose to recognize it. Spend some time in nature, allow yourself to be touched by the majesty of it all. To those who can see it, it is clear that whatever created all of this was indeed an artist. Take a look at a rose, for instance—such perfect geometry, such a delicate and rich being. You are a rose, Cancer—thorns and all. When you see this clearly, the world becomes breathtaking.

Mantra: I allow myself to see the beauty in me and in all that surrounds me—taking me deeper into the relationship of things. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Breakthrough Visions of Relationship

One of the more glorious things about love, Scorpio is that once you think you understand it, there is yet another and another and another layer to explore. No matter how young or old you are, if your life has been filled with love or you have been left wanting more, this cycle offers you a massive breakthrough when it comes to relationship. I'm talking about a 180 degree turn and transformation either in yourself or those around you. One thing, I have learned about love, is that it often takes us by surprise. It shows us that what we previously thought was impossible is not only possible but sometimes inevitable. The outcome of this massive shift is not yet clear to you but as you might be learning right now, predictability is not always on the menu when it comes to relationship. In every life, there comes a moment that when seized, may effect the course of that life forever. There is such a moment coming to you during this cycle, my friend. View it as a gift and trust that life can be so much more than you ever dreamed it to be.

Mantra: I allow myself to be surprised by the brilliant breakthrough moments love offers me. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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The Theme: Mothering Visions of Relationship

What is your relationship like with your mother, Pisces? This cycle is prompting you to examine this closely as it most likely has transferred to the way you might sometimes mother yourself. At times there are deep woundings here or there may be fullness. Whatever it may be, it is worth examining. Even if you did not receive deep and unconditional love from your blood mother or the mother who raised you, that type of nurturing love is so available in the world if you seek it. The Great Earth Mother and the great Cosmic Mother are archetypes that are worth investigating. As a whole, our culture seems to be floating farther and farther from the energy of Mother. It's as though we are are searching desperately for her in the dark when she has been with us the whole time—closer than our breath or heartbeat. You may find yourself going through a transition of some sort right now where you crave nurturing. Perhaps, you are even birthing something new into the world, yourself. Whatever it is, know that you are more deeply held and cradled than you know. You have, in your body, the deep codes of mothering, no matter your gender. Underneath it all, She is there. She is the solid ground that holds you up, always.

Mantra: I know that I am deeply held and nurtured by the Mother of all. I trust. I trust. I trust.

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