• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

Full Moon in Scorpio April-May, 2021

For each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Keep it close to you for the duration of this month.

Artwork: Compass by Katherine Dessert

The Collective:

The Theme: Communication

Last month centered around cultivating vision—this one is about sharing it. In many ways the world is beginning to open up once again and in the Northern hemisphere, many of us are witnessing flowers and sprouts showing us how it's done. What medicine have you gathered during the right of passage that has been this last year? What has transformed in your soul? No one has gone through this year unchanged. No one on this planet. Can you believe that? For once, we know in our bones that we are all on the same blue space ship hurtling through the cosmos. Perhaps there is grief with this. Perhaps there is a sense of loss. After all, we have had to shed skin or in some cases been skinned by the ruthlessness of transformation. Perhaps, also, you have spent some time on the ocean floor of your being, mining for pearls. Perhaps, you have learned how to breathe underwater and how to find wisdom in unexpected places. We have all been given dreams and visions of some sort during this time, flashes of intuition, inspiration or instinct. Trust that. Use that. Show that. Communicate that. You are not alone. You are not crazy. So many other around you have woken up to their own spirit too. It's time to share story, to grieve in community, to initiate conversation and connection. Communication also includes listening. Be prepared to listen from your feet when you walk barefoot on the earth. Be prepared to listen from your stomach, your heart, your mind. Deep listening and willing voice are what are required now. Step out. Speak up and listen true.

Mantra: I courageously step forward and communicate the vision of my spirit while listening deeply to the voices of all others.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: Communicating Independence

As the world is beginning to open once again, opportunities for social gatherings may present themselves to you. However, proceed slowly, friends. We have all been deprived of social interaction in a totally unprecedented way. You have changed. Everyone else has changed too. You may find some social interactions to be nourishing and others to be draining in ways that you don't expect. It's not because you've forgotten how to interact, it's because during this rite of passage parts of you that are not authentic have been shaved off. You may find yourself having a very low tolerance for anything inauthentic. You may find yourself craving real connection. In order to cultivate this in your own relationships, you must first establish your own real connection to yourself, to your body and to the planet as a whole. If you find yourself feeling resistant to social interaction or feeling especially independent, it's ok. It's ok to take this slow. Write a list of people who you can be your full, whole, authentic self around. Start with them. Give yourself permission to have real talks with them. Allow yourself to feel your grief, your joy, your anger in their presence and allow them the same space. We all are feeling it. Don't let social platitudes get in the way of real connection. Let this be your invitation to go deeper in your relationship with yourself and others. We all need it. We all crave it.

Mantra: I trust my own pace of craving social time and independence. I give myself permission to only be authentic.


The Theme: Communicating Restless Independence

The bull in you is getting restless, Taurus. Can you feel it? You are ready to break out of the gate. Can you feel that you have this new found spark for adventure and a curiosity about the world? Yes, it appears that a quest of your own making is imminent. However, due to the state of the world and your changed inner nature, it is important to take a moment before you break free. Planning ahead and making concrete plans will be in your favor. Slowing down to assess who you are before letting yourself loose on the world is important. Who do you want to be this year? Where are you going to place all that new found strength and power? How will you channel it? With everything that you have had pent up, it would be easy for you to mow over others. But you don't want to be the bull that's chosen for the bull fight, love. Last cycle provided you with ample time to dig deeper and learn what you were made of. Use what you've learned. You do have the fortitude and inspiration to carve your own path and we need visionaries like you to do so. Just make sure you are doing so with some sense of methodical development. Take time to assess where you need assistance from other and where you'd like to go it alone. You have a green light. It is time to move forward but you get to choose how you do that.

Mantra: As I break free from limitations and walk through this new threshold of freedom, I do so consciously and with guiding intention.

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The Theme: Communicating Coherent Independence

What you are craving right now, Virgo, goes far beyond social interaction. What you want is communion. Did you know that when placed in the same Petri dish, two cells from different hearts will eventually beat in the same rhythm. They will find coherence. It is possible that some interactions lack this communion and so they feel stale and dull to you. Where in your life can you find the people, places and things that beat the same rhythm of your own heart? I invite you to spend some time in nature or perhaps with an animal you love. The beings in the natural world are much more adept at listening and adopting one another's rhythms and coherence. This is the invitation for you during this cycle, love. Find where you feel that deep communion of spirit. Let that be your baseline for how you create your social circle and community. Allow that community to be an ecosystem, not just of humans but of animal and plant beings too. Bring in diverse beings who also allow themselves fall into coherence. If you are to create community, this is how. Literally, listen to your heart. Slow down enough to feel the string of truth that connects us and use that to attract your people.

Mantra: I trust my need for true communion and I use coherence as my baseline for developing a diverse ecosystem of community.

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The Theme: Communicating Discerning Independence

As the world opens up, opportunities a plenty are heading your way, my friend. However, proceed with caution. Check-in with yourself before moving forward or saying "yes." This is essential. If your body doesn't give you a 100% "yes," then it's a "no." Now, this might seem a bit extreme to you but in this time when it is essential that humans find authentic alignment with themselves and each other, it is very important. If you are invited to gatherings and it doesn't feel aligned, don't go. It's that simple. If you feel your body leaning forward when someone speaks of an opportunity and every cell in your being knows it's a go then pursue it! Learn what a "yes" and a "no" feels like in your body. It will tell you. When in doubt during this cycle, if guidance is not clear, that in itself is guidance. If you have any doubts, it's a "no." Don't force yourself into things right now because they seem like they are the only option. There are more options. Allow yourself the space to wait a bit until it feels right. Waiting can sometimes feel unproductive but it's not. It gives you more time to get familiar with your intuitive mechanism and you will need it this year, Capricorn.

Mantra: I say "yes" when I mean yes and I say "no" when I mean no. Living by this principle keeps me in true alignment.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: Communicating Perspectives

Speak with your Earth Sign friends during this cycle, Air signs. During the last moon cycle, they went through a process of perspective shifting that will be valuable to emulate during this time. Communication is generally in your wheelhouse but during this cycle, the best move is likely to practice deep listening. This is not about sympathizing—this is about taking it a step further and empathizing. In order to truly understand someone's perspective, it can be helpful to actually put yourself in their position. This might mean stretching yourself a little bit out of your normal pattern and visiting that which makes you uncomfortable. Perhaps it might even mean turning your belief systems on their head and approaching different perspectives with a sense of openness and curiosity instead of assumption and animosity. Your mind works quickly and you always seem to have some type of witty retort or aphorism handy but now might be the time to put those away and slow down your communication. Listen before you speak and let whatever comes out of your mouth be useful, true and kind. Now might be the time to change up your routine a bit and take the scenic route.

Mantra: I slow down enough to truly hear and empathize with others, being willing to take new perspectives not just intellectually but with my heart.


The Theme: Communicating Methodical Perspectives

Whether by your choice or not, the Universe has had you on the fast track of personal growth lately, am I right? This may feel terrifying or exhilarating or a bit of both but remember that within this acceleration, you do have a certain amount of free will. You can choose to take time, slow down and reconnect. During this cycle, it is, in fact, essential that you do so. Take time to reflect on what has happened and integrate any new perspectives. You may not be able to control the source of your struggle, suffering or pain but you can always choose how you react. Don't forget about the power of intention, will and attitude. If you can connect with this intrinsically centered part of yourself, you will not need to suffer over your suffering. This cycle is one that begs for contemplation. Take time for it. You will need it. You may be tempted to make hasty or impulsive decisions especially in your communication. Use caution here. Watch your words as they have power. Choose them wisely. Let them come from that centered place of deep knowing versus being decorations of panic. You may have gathered or are currently gathering inspiration for new moves. That's great. Be inspired but don't act until you know you are coming from that deeper place. This is not the time to act but to be still and wait until your inner Knowing has something to say.

Mantra: Before speaking and acting, I wait on the wisdom of my inner knowing to guide me. I slow down, listen and move methodically.

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The Theme: Communicating Bigger Perspectives

You gotta zoom out, honey. While at times the details are valuable, right now you are getting lost in analysis paralysis. Yes, a change in perspective is called for but perspective is much easier when you have a better view. Have you ever heard of the "overview effect"? It's a psychological phenomenon shared by astronauts during spaceflight when they see planet Earth from outer space and everyone and everything that they've ever known to exist right there in front of them. There is a cognitive shift in perception that occurs when they realize how everything really is one being. There are no national borders and Earth is incredibly fragile and precious–the only home we have. Can you imagine this feeling? Can you take a moment to comprehend that your life is quite possibly just a tiny momentary flash in the timeline of the Universe? Can you see the fragility and preciousness of all that surrounds you? I know it can be so easy to get caught up in your individual experience to get lost in the sea of thoughts crashing on the cliffs of your mind. However, if you are to use this brief life in a way that would serve to protect the preciousness and honor your home, what would you do? How might you act and communicate differently? This is your time to awaken to the vastness and smallness of it all.

Mantra: It is time for me to step back and see a larger perspective, to contemplate the preciousness and fragility of it all and to connect with something bigger.

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The Theme: Communicating Magical Perspectives

When did you stop believing in magic, Aquarius? Why? Do you know that we live in a world infused by magic? Whether it's a ruby throated hummingbird flapping its wings 53 times per second as it sips the nectar from an open faced calendula flower that can be infused in an oil and soothe your sore joints or the fact that we are literally made out of stardust, magic all around us. Open your eyes, my love. It's time to remember. Given the circumstances in the world, it's easy to get lost in cynicism and that is one way to live, but perhaps not the most delightful and in the long run not the most helpful. Did you know that you are part of the story of this Earth? Just like a flower in the forest, you are part of this ecosystem—not separate. You are so much more connected than you know and the act of remembering this is an act of reclaiming magic. How do you come to this remembering? Put down your phone, walk out your front door and find what you are curious about. Let it lead you to the next thing that sparks your curiosity. When you slip into this state of open curiosity and stepping into the soul of your inner child once again, new opportunities arise that will seem purely magical, because they are. I'm here to tell you, magic is real. It's real and it is here.

Mantra: I embrace the truth that magic is real and all around me. I am open to shifting my perspective and gaining deeper clarity.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: Communicating Compassion

You are not short on passion, my fire friends and we love you for that. However, this cycle adds the opportunity for something a little extra: com-passion. The original meaning of the word compassion is "to suffer with." Perhaps this doesn't necessarily sound all that great but in reality sometimes compassion is better than passion (which just means suffering alone). The true essence of compassion is to take a break from burning your own path forward and see what others are doing on their path. Having compassion is to walk with them on their path. You see, when you have compassion, of course you are giving of your presence but also, you are no longer alone in your suffering. You are with others who also are finding their way to compassion. This year has developed much more of this sense in you fire friends, whether you realize it or not. Something has awakened or is awakening in you that most likely has felt like suffering but now is the time to harvest it as medicine. Now, your eyes are open to ordeals that so many must endure each day. Don't let your own suffering be for naught. Use it as a means to listen deeper, be more present and love one another a little bit more. This includes you. Be there for yourself. Give yourself grace when you mess up. Don't let yourself be alone in your suffering. You see, compassion sounds like a flimsy notion but in reality, it is some true bad-assery.

Mantra: What I have endured is not for nothing. I am gifted with compassion and I choose to walk with others, not alone.


The Theme: Communicating Loving Compassion

Love is in the air, my friend, and I don't just mean romantic love but I'm also not excluding that possibility. New love is becoming available to you in a way that you've never felt before, Aries. This could be the love of family, community, friendships, parenthood, love from Spirit, or nature. There are so many types of love but I'm telling you, it's what's on the menu. This past season has cracked you open. It's been tough but don't let it shut you down. Let it open your heart. This might mean coming in contact with your grief or the grief of others but on the other side of the grief coin is love. And there is such sweetness there that you have yet to experience. It will make all of your suffering worth it. Take time to celebrate with your soul family whoever and whatever that might be. Let yourself be nourished by their presence and see this as a time when you can plant new seeds and begin to show others how you have changed this past season. This is a potent time for you, a true threshold of sweetness when much that you have been hoping for comes to you. A psychic or spiritual awakening is also possible for you at this time. There are many opportunities available, but it is up to you whether you wish to accept them or not.

Mantra: I welcome love into my life and allow my heart to be open to the possibility of spiritual awakening. I plant new seeds from the source of my heart.

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The Theme: Communicating Flowing Compassion

The river of life is taking you for a ride, my lion friend. The bad news is that you cannot possibly know what is around the bend—whether it's rapids or smooth waters. The good news is that you are headed somewhere and that somewhere is as grand and majestic as the ocean, itself. Your only job this cycle is to be kind to yourself and others. This is what will keep you afloat. Trust, trust, trust the flow of things. Know that you are not stuck. The only reason you might get stuck is if you hang on too tightly to something. Movement is the name of the game here. If you allow yourself to let go and flow, you will be alright. In fact, you may notice that life is carrying you forward without you needing to do much except allowing it to do so. Ask for help, allow others to see you. They can help you build a bigger raft, one that you can float on together. You don't have to do this alone. "Go with the flow" is so much more than a trite aphorism here, it is a way of life that brings you in greater harmony with the rhythm of things. Understand what is in your control and what is not. Speak to your own life force as if it were a river flowing through your body. Are there areas where it might get stuck? How can you take down the dams within yourself that are preventing flow?

Mantra: I allow kindness and trust to be my raft as I float through unfamiliar waters. I am going somewhere great.

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The Theme: Communicating Trusting Compassion

The most compassionate thing you can do for yourself right now Sag, is to trust. If you are finding yourself constantly restless and feeling like what you're doing is never enough then,'ve got yourself in a self-defeating cycle. I understand that this is a cycle that can be difficult to break out of especially when we have all been conditioned to believe that we will never be enough (of course, so that we buy more products and keep the industrial engine running). However, it is time, my love. It is time to stop, take a look around you and realize, you are already doing it. You are worthy because you exist, because you are here. Peel yourself away from social media for a bit, would you? Stop playing the comparison game. You will never "win" because feeling better than or worse than someone else always injures the heart. Instead, focus on nourishing your own garden of worthiness. Recognize that you have been working so hard. Take a moment to appreciate yourself in the same way a good friend would encourage you. This cycle, your only job is to communicate compassionately with your own heart and listen to what it whispers back.

Mantra: I am exactly where I need to be. I face my true north by facing the direction of my heart.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Theme: Communicating Mystery

The dark side of the moon, the shadow of the shadow, the super-unconscious—this is what's on the menu for you this cycle, water friends. It's ok if this doesn't make sense, it's not meant to. There are many deep textures and layers to this cycle that go far beyond intellectual understanding. Pay attention to your dreams and sudden visions or perceptions. They will most likely not make any sense for the time being but I encourage you to write them down. Later, they will be relevant. As water people, you are naturally inclined towards your innate gifts of psychic awareness and this natural proclivity will come in handy during this time. Just know that the language that you receive these insights may be less linear and more like an impressionist painting up close (at least, at first). As you might have noticed, a lot of the collective's shadow has been playing out on the world stage these past few years. This is not entirely a bad thing. Shadows do not like to be repressed. The only way they can find healing is to see the light of day, to be expressed. But you know this, don't you, water folks? We are relying on your innate wisdom to guide us through the shadowlands. This is your secret superpower—comfort with mystery.

Mantra: I receive intuitive and psychic insights with trust. I embrace mystery and help the rest of the world greet their shadows with love.


The Theme: Communicating Blossoming Mystery

Whether aware of this or not, this past year has been one of incubation, my crab friend. You have been forced to stay inside your shell. However, in the darkness of that space, deep inner realizations have been forming. Have you noticed? Something has been growing. An awareness has been cultivating. Dark spaces might feel scary at first but they are also where we come from. We arrive on this planet in a dark womb and there is something very sacred about this primordial shadow place. It is pure potentiality. That is where things grow from. Without nothingness there would not be an everything-ness. Yes, I know that's a bit of a mind twister but it's not meant to be comprehended with your mind. If you go deep enough into the space of your own shell, you will understand what I mean. From the shadowlands of this year, a sacred and unexpected fertility has been formed in your soul. To put it bluntly, shit makes good fertilizer and your soil is now full of rich compost. Your inner landscapes have been slowly healing. If you trust this process, you will blossom. That is the natural way of things.

Mantra: I honor the shadows of this past year, knowing that they have been in service to my growth. It is now time to blossom.

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The Theme: Communicating Awakening Mystery

On this Scorpio moon, do you feel the power that it is awakening in you? I'm not lying when I say that this cycle is going to be a potent one. My recommendation? Set aside some extra time and space during this month so you can process and integrate. The downloads will be coming in fast and hard. Dreams are going to be very present with you. You will receive insights that are possibly alarming at times. If you can, find a trusted spiritual mentor who has deep and grounded psychic and body awareness. Consult them. If it gets to be too much, walk barefoot on the Earth, take showers (cold ones are especially helpful), stay present with your breath and slow it down. You will get through this and be transformed. Know that you are not alone and you are not going crazy. Many of us on this planet are experiencing the same thing. One of the more magical things about you Scorpio is your limitless depth. You have a spiritual capacity that most can only dream of. You have the ability to receive and transmute massive amounts of energy. Trust this innate skill of yours. There is a reason you are experiencing this and it's not just for you. It is for the world. Your insights will soon be needed on the world stage.

Mantra: I allow myself to surrender to this activation process. I go slow and trust that I have the capacity to receive psychic information.

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The Theme: Communicating Fiery Mystery

As a water sign, you have a complicated relationship with fire, am I right? Often times you put out your own fire, fearing that its heat might make you boil over. It's time to consult your friends with strong fire placements in their chart. Can you see how while fire can indeed be volatile, it keeps the rest of us warm? That sometimes fiery destruction is necessary for fertile land to develop? You are almost always intimately connected with your own psychic awareness, Pisces. However, it is taking on a different guise this month. You may find yourself feeling unexpectedly angry. You might feel an unfamiliar energy coursing through your veins. This is not a bad thing, love. Find a safe space to let yourself be a geyser. Perhaps, it is time that people saw your fiercer side. The world needs your wisdom, love, and you have plenty of it. Sometimes it's hard to hear you through the din of your watery atmosphere. Your fire can help you be direct with your energy, words and communication. Utilize this activation to your advantage so that anything that is no longer needed can be burned in the fire of transformation.

Mantra: I trust the power of my inner fire and greet it with deep respect. I allow it to help me express truth directly.

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