• Katrina Nilsson-Gorman

Full Moon in Virgo, February 2021 Reading

Traditionally, each Full Moon, I draw cards for the moon cycle (month) ahead: one card for the collective of humans, one card for each astrological element and one card for each astrological sign. This is not based on astrology but rather my own personal divinations.

My suggestion: Take each mantra for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and create a new composite mantra. Write it out, stick it on your mirror. Keep it close to you for the duration of this month.

The Collective:

The Theme: The Healer

Everyone on this planet is born with natural healing capabilities. After a long and tumultuous past few years, this ability is being called forth and needed now more than ever. We are being invited as a collective to find our own unique healing prowess and utilize it for ourselves and for others. This is a far more gentle cycle than the ones previously. So, you can rest in this knowing. For many of us that is the key word—rest. Rest and integration are integral at this time. So much has happened that we haven’t had time to digest and now is the time to slow down and do so. Every single human on this planet has the capabilities towards goodness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, strength, courage and joy. We were born with these ingredients. Though circumstances in our lives appear to rob us of these at times, we ALWAYS have the choice to go back to them. This may be a time when unprocessed grief comes to the surface for many of us. As uncomfortable as this may be, it is so necessary. To grieve is to love. If we have no space for grief in our hearts, we have no space for love. When strong feelings come up this cycle, don’t ignore them. Tend to your heart like a magical, compassionate healer would. Sit with it, don’t abandon it. Let yourself fall in love with your tender heart. The world needs more tender hearts and open eyes. This is not a weakness but a massive strength. It is what will save this world. So commune with your inner healer and let them be the one that speaks.

Mantra: I take time to rest, digest and commune with the amazing power of my inner healer. They have the power to heal my heart and help other hearts around me too.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Theme: The Solid Healer

How many times have you heard from the people in your life “you’re my rock?” Yes, Earth friends, we have all been sea battered lately and we have been searching for solid ground. Your super power is that without even trying, you often provide us with that solidity and sense of security that we all need to feel safe. Now I know, you don’t always feel solid yourself and it’s likely that the events of late have even rocked you to your core. Before being anyone else’s rock, it’s important that you be your own. If you have found yourself losing a sense of ground lately, it’s important that you find your way back. If need be, literally find a beautiful place in nature with large solid rocks. Lay down on them and feel how they support your body. Doesn’t it feel good to literally feel a solid foundation beneath you? Because you have this solidity within you, you can often appear in leadership roles. People naturally feel comfortable around you. It’s that capability that will be called upon during this time, love. What do you know for sure? What are your rock solid values? What are your convictions? Reach deep my love and stand in them first for yourself and then as the solid ground that we all so desperately need right now.

Mantra: I heal through finding my solidity and creating firm foundations so that others feel safe.


The Theme: The Paving Solid Healer

I want you to imagine the leader that you wish we all had in this country, in the world, or even in your own life. Can you imagine them? What is their manner? How do they lead? What are they doing to change things, to encourage others, to lift people up? Can you picture them vividly in your mind? Great. Now, be that leader. Yep, that’s right Taurus, nobody is going to do it. We’re all waiting for that person and that person is you. This cycle is not the time to hang back and follow, it’s time to forge a new path. And guess what, Taurus, as it happens, once your mind is made up you are an unstoppable force. The only thing left to do is to make the choice to do it! That’s it. That’s literally it. There is no perfect time to start. The time is now. We can’t afford to wait any longer for people like you to stay in the dark. The world needs your solid resolve and beautiful heart. Show us that we once again can have abundant and fertile lives—that it can actually be better than ever. If you can’t do it for you, do it for those you love, your children, future generations, the Earth herself. Trust me when I say there is no one on this earth with your unique combination of skills and gifts. Don’t walk the path, pave a new one.

Mantra: I heal through becoming the leader that I always wanted. I pave new paths that will lead us all into greater abundance and fulfillment.

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The Theme: The Visioning Solid Healer

In order to find your true healing potential (which is massive, btw), Virgo, it is essential that you take some time during this cycle to spend sometime alone in nature. I’m not saying you need to hike off into the wilderness for a week, though I highly encourage it. It could be just a day or even an hour spent in your local park. In any case, get off your couch, away from your desk, shut off your devices and get outside. The clarity that you’ve been craving? It’s out there and it is asking for your time and attention. Show up to this visioning with an intention or question and then drop the need to answer it and see what shows up. If you slow down enough, you will find what you are looking for. It’s as though Spirit has been dialing you but you’ve not been picking up. Burying the sound of that connection under heaps of work, responsibilities, technology, food, addictions. Don’t miss the next call. Important message are available to you if you choose to show up. This is such a simple practice but it is so easy to put off or avoid. If you make the time to shut off everything and get a little bored, I promise you, magic will happen. It is from this place that you can find a solidity moving forward. It is from this place that you can serve others in the way you desire.

Mantra: I heal through spending quality time alone in nature. When I vision with nature I find solidity and clarity.

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The Theme: The Integrous Solid Healer

“Authority” and “Healer” are words that don’t often go together but they absolutely should. You naturally claim authority, Capricorn and it’s time to put that natural skill to good use. We need your solid integrity right now to help this Earth. We need people who have principles and stand by them. Use this cycle to align with your logic/intellect and marry them to your compassion. Use this amazing combination to take lead from both your heart and your mind. Stand firm in your principles while remaining impartial to any incoming opinions. This beautiful balance between openness and principled action isn’t necessarily the fluff that we think of when we think of “healing” but it is integral to the healing process. There will be those in your life that need the solid space that you provide. Never underestimate the power of your honest foundation. People trust you and they are right to. More than anything, you are trustworthy. Be the space that we can go to when the boat is rocked. Be the space that you can go to when it gets stormy.

Mantra: I heal through offering trustworthy space for myself and others. When I align with my principles and integrity, everything falls into place.

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Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Theme: The Trusting Healer

If it feels like the Universe has been testing you lately it’s probably because it has. Curveballs and/or stagnant waters have been plentiful. The invitation during this cycle is to look closer. Is everything against you or is there a deeper plan? So often, Source takes on the guise of a trickster. What may seem chaotic or unplanned is often a genius way to open your eyes, heart and mind. It might not seem like it in the moment but a few months from now you will look back in awe of how it all worked out. When things don’t go according to plan, slow down. Ask yourself what the deeper lesson is here. Know that you may or may not receive a logical answer to that question but it is the act of asking that question that may the lesson itself. So often it is easy to imagine that life punishes us but the Universe is not punitive. It’s dramatic, stern and sometimes confusing as hell but not punitive. In the end it’s all love. How you heal from these situations is to dig deeper, find the implicit trust in your heart that you once had as a child. There is a genius in that. Trust yourself. Trust your life. This breathes fresh air into your sails so you can sail out of stagnant waters.

Mantra: I heal through a deep boundless trust that it’s all happening for me/for us not to me or to us. When others see my trust, they relax into a space of deep rejuvenation.


The Theme: The Radiant Trusting Healer

You know those moments when you are going about your day, walking down the street and suddenly the sun peeks out from the clouds and you have to just stop for a moment to soak in those rays? You feel present with no concerns and time seems to slow down? That’s what this cycle is about for you, Gem. Those sun-ray moments will be plentiful both literally and metaphorically and it is is essential that you slow down and soak them up. Feel that the sun is just a reflection of your own inner radiance which is there always, even when obscured by clouds. If you can find ways to be reminded of this radiance that’s all the better. Sing. Dance. Buy a stranger’s groceries. These are all doorways to remember what is real. Despite what may be happening in your external world this gateway is always available to you. Nothing is ever stopping you from tapping into this place. This is what guides you through this uncertain time. Your freedom is knowing that you can access this place at any moment and when you do others can’t help but want to bask in your sunshine. See the humor in life, spread a little positivity. You know how to do that, Gem. That’s your jam!

Mantra: I heal through accessing and being present to my own radiance. I trust that it is always there and brings great love into my life.

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The Theme: The Waiting Trusting Healer

Nobody likes waiting. “Patience” always seems to be a dirty word. However, here’s the thing, love, it doesn’t have to be bad. Uncomfortable, perhaps. Dull sometimes, yes but there is a mystical secret in the waiting if you get close enough to it. Usually we are waiting because we desire a specific outcome. Desire is what created the Universe, it’s what created you. You are waiting because you have desire and that is the most powerful force in the cosmos. Waiting is that space between your in breath and out breath. It is the subtle pause between thoughts, it is the empty space that seems desolate but actually if you look closer, it’s peaceful. The old adage “good things come to those who wait” may seem annoying and like some insincere platitude but there is some truth to it. Though it doesn’t seem like it, a waiting period can be very productive because when the time for movement comes you will be able to dive right in. You will be more prepared than you know and your movement will come from an effortless place. Those who have found peace with the waiting glide through life. There is a deep medicine for you in this, my love. Whatever it is you want, it’s coming. But be present to what is here now. Sip from the delicious energy of your desire and know that you are exactly where you need to be.

Mantra: I heal through sinking in deeply to my “waiting.” Here I find a palpable peace that is contagious to anyone near me.

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The Theme: The Unknowable Trusting Healer

If you haven’t known which way is up or down lately it’s likely that that is as it is meant to be. Chogyam Trungpa once said “the bad news is that you are falling through air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is that there is no ground.” This time requires nothing less than total trust on your part, my friend. The great Unknowable is is definitely in motion in your life at this time. It is a great big invitation to let go into your heart. What you are looking at right now is a great big blank slate and if you truly drop your need to control any outcome, you can live in this beautiful state of pure potentiality. Anything is possible. Truly. The rollercoaster can be terrifying, OR you can throw your hands into the air and scream with delight as the ride will take you where it will. Either way you’re strapped in. If you can make the courageous conscious choice to relinquish control, you will absolutely be pleasantly surprised by where you are going. A great freedom is available to you in this space and if you conquer your fear of the void, nothing will seem impossible. Let yourself have room for the mysterious and the miraculous may be at your fingertips.

Mantra: I heal through embracing the great Unknowable and letting go into this space. When I accept this, pure potentiality becomes available to me and those around me.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Theme: The Romantic Healer

Now let me be clear here, when I say “romantic” I don’t necessarily mean candlelit dinners and rose petals, although if that is your jam, than good on ya! What I mean is that what the world really, really needs right now is some beauty. We need your warmth, Fire friends. We need your creativity, imagination and charm. So many of us are walking around like zombies and we need you to help remind us of what makes living life so great. It’s time to get out your quill and ink and write some poetry. Take some stunning photos by the ocean, find your singing buddy and record a soul stirring duet. Allow your passions to come forth and melt our frozen hearts. Find ways to become love in action, whatever that may look like to you. Make it a verb! Imagine your friend whose eyes are sore from too many Zoom calls receiving flowers and a personalized poem. Imagine their delight and relief that humanity is still alive and well. You have this magic, fire friends. Dive deep into your heart and allow yourself to be unreasonably compassionate, radically loving and wonderfully creative. Instead of being a consumer, be a creator and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Mantra: I heal through actively creating beauty and inviting others into the magnificent world of my imagination. I have the power to heal both my heart and those around me.


The Theme: The Earthing Romantic Healer

It’s time to get in contact with that inner Thoreau, or Mary Oliver, Aries. The beauty of nature will heal your soul, plain and simple. If you are feeling stuck or off kilter, you need to get out of the world of artificial lighting and find a place where you can lay on your back and look up at the stars. Feel the pulse of the Earth beneath you, tune into the natural rhythms of things. The indistinguishable feeling of numbness and disconnection you have is in large part due to your severing from the land beneath you. Find a place where you can get away from the traffic and cement monoliths. Bring a journal, a camera or just an open heart. Let yourself be pulled into the chaotic and cyclical designs of the Earth. And hey, bring a friend! They most likely will benefit from the special sight you have. Notice the details, become fascinated by spider webs and dew drops. There is wonder everywhere to behold, did you know that? This is a space where nothing is required of you except to listen and observe. Notice what brings a flutter to your heart what helps your mind quiet down. It is so simple but it is exactly what you need right now, my friend.

Mantra: I heal through connecting with the beauty of the Earth. Through this connection I find an aliveness that brings fresh blood to my heart.

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The Theme: The Flowing Romantic Healer

This cycle is a gift. Inspiration is abundant and the dam is finally breaking. Let it break, let the rivers of intuition flow freely in you once again, Leo. Any attempt to control its wildness is futile and unnecessary. Earth has a natural circulatory system and so do you. In order for the system to be in working order, the cycle must be allowed to occur. Trust this system. Trust your system. It is beautiful the way it is and it knows what to do to heal. This is a time to dance with your dreams and write down channeled thoughts that come to you at 2AM. These intuitions and dreams may or may not make sense to you but know that the realm of the imagination often encourages you to let go of “sense” and simply be carried downstream by a deeper knowing. Taking the path of least resistance is actually a favorable move at this time. You are being shown that it doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, it can be downright magical. Get out those paints, put on some good music, pick up your guitar—find some expression for this flow and create for the pure joy of creating. Let this new flow bring back the romance you have with life, Leo. You are, after all the sovereign of romance.

Mantra: I heal through allowing my imagination and intuition to flow freely. I find great beauty and pleasure through this allowance and brighten the lives of those around me.

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The Theme: The Searching Romantic Healer

What is keeping you up at night, Sag? What is the itch that you are having trouble scratching? No matter how many little “self-care” indulgences you are allowing yourself it still seems nothing can really get to the core of your craving. Am I right? It’s time to do a little soul searching, my friend. Take an hour or a full day if you can. Turn off all devices light a candle in a dark room, bring along a journal or blank canvas as your companion. Be with yourself and just notice what comes up. Boredom? Anxiety? Inspiration? Use what arises as a directional arrow and follow where it takes you. I am almost certain that this deep desire of yours is one of connection. Of course, it may for connection to others and during this time that has been challenging, of course but there is a deeper thread if you listen hard enough. I have a riddle for you. What is the only thing in the Universe that is unchanging? What is closer to you than your own breath? These aren’t questions that I can answer for you, love but they are worth exploring. “Exploring”, that is the keyword here. You love to explore and even if you can’t fly halfway around the world right now there are deep oceans of unexplored territory in your personal Universe that are waiting to be traversed. Time to turn your gaze inward.

Mantra: I heal through pointing my natural desire to explore inward and asking good questions. Through my inquiry, others will be inspired to connect deeper.

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Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Theme: The Disciplined Healer

Slow and meticulous is the name of the game this cycle, water signs. This can be difficult for you as you usually prefer a much more free flowing attitude. However, constructing your life in a way so that your energy is funneled as a slow drip versus a torrential waterfall is in your favor. Use this time to really evaluate your internal processes. The word discipline is related to the word “disciple”—one who devotes themselves. What are you entirely devoted to? What or who would you do anything for? Focus your energy on this subject or person as your inspiration to find willpower. Now, that’s not to say that you need to push forward. Quite the opposite actually. This is about finding the willpower to gather your energy so it can be focused in the right manner. There are some situations during this cycle that you may have no control over but if you are gathered in yourself you can much more easily suss out what you can and can’t influence and then work from there. This is about following through on your commitments but doing so from a place where your energy is guided in strategic directions.

Mantra: I heal through discipline, finding what I am devoted to and dedicating myself to it fully. I gather my energy and use it strategically.


The Theme: The Synergistic Disciplined Healer

You are not a disconnected entity. I repeat, you are not a disconnected entity. Because of our current manner of living, it can be easy to think you are alone or isolated but let me tell you this, my Cancerian friend. You are so much more connected to all there is than you know. Everything from the air you breathe, to the food you eat, it connects you to every living thing on this planet. Did you know that not a single droplet of water has ever left earth’s atmosphere? That water that you are drinking could have touched the lips of Gandhi or Rosa Parks. We forget that we are all inextricably linked. We all rely on the natural synergy of the Earth’s system to survive and we rely on each other for that too. Don’t for one second think that you are alone, my love. You have billions of years of stardust floating through your veins. Remember that you are connected and that you can tap into your connections at any point in time. When you do this, when you recognize the inherent connections between all things, you come in contact with the synergy, the life force that maintains all of life’s structure. When you find this synergy, that is what will heal you. It is time to take a disciplined look at the truth of things.

Mantra: I heal through realizing the synergistic connections between all things. When I am connected, others can more easily connect too.

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The Theme: The Shining Disciplined Healer

Gathering yourself does not mean restricting yourself, Scorpio. There is a big difference. Let me explain. This is not the time to dim your light or live in the shadows. As Anne Lamott puts it: “lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” It is time to shine and let that do the work for you. You might be too bright for some but it’s likely that those relationships were born under the promise that you may never be your full, glorious self. When you decide to rise up and shine it may change some energetic agreements with others and that’s normal. But in the end you are meant to shine and those who are navigating rough waters will appreciate you for the life saver that you are. It’s time to stop running around looking for people to save and instead to simply sit in your power, in your own energy. That’s what truly helps others find their way. Also, it greatly assists you with your own energy expenditure. Be you no matter who comes along your path. Shine the same light. They may or may not resonate with that light but in the end it doesn’t matter so much. When you simply let yourself be your whole self, you heal yourself and lead others home.

Mantra: I heal through shining my authentic light. There is no need for me to rescue others—they will be guided by my example.

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The Theme: The Signaled Disciplined Healer

You want signs? You are getting signs, Pisces. They. Are. Everywhere. Messages, signals and gifts are coming in hot. Get ready for some surprises and pay special attention to chance encounters, meetings and visits, particularly with those wiser than yourself. It is essential that your energy is gathered enough during this time that you can simply sit back and observe. This is not about reaching out to make things happen but to be slow enough to hear the promptings of the Universe. New beginnings are available to you. Guidance is so very present, you simply need to listen. This is your season and appropriate to Pisces season, the pull of the Divine is real. Get ready to swim in the sacred ocean and receive insights that will help tremendously on your path forward. Think of it as a birthday gift from the Universe. Turned on, tuned in and receiving all signals, you are bound to get information that we could all use. Use your discernment to determine that which you want to keep for yourself and that which you should share with others. We could certainly use your wisdom these days.

Mantra: I heal through listening and receiving signs and messages from Source. This wisdom can help heal the world and I convey it with intention and discernment.

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