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Sagittarius Full Moon Report, 2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

An astrological contemplation about the week and month ahead

In this video, we explore the archetypes present this month heralded by the full moon in Sagittarius June 14th, 2022. We go through all 12 signs.

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Aries Rising: 00:27:46

Taurus Rising: 00:30:51

Gemini Rising: 00:33:27

Cancer Rising: 00:36:19

Leo Rising: 00:39:46

Virgo Rising: 00:42:18

Libra Rising: 00:44:58

Scorpio Rising: 00:47:19

Sagittarius Rising: 00:49:53

Capricorn Rising: 00:53:48

Aquarius Rising: 00:57:38

Pisces Rising: 01:00:51

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