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Wisdom of the Wanderer's Heart

Updated: Feb 17

A Lunar Month Contemplation

Artwork: Ancient Blaze by Katherine Dessert

Katherine is an incredible artist and human being. Please consider supporting her work here.

Welcome, friends!

This is coming to you from an admittedly, grungy and exhausted hermit who has been deep (perhaps a little too deep) in the world of contemplation and process over the past year. Sound familiar? It probably sounds incredibly familiar if, like me, you’ve had Saturn chilling in your 12th house like a leering jailbird since the pandemic started. Yep, you’re not alone. The deeply subterranean, silent and uncomfortable work has really been having it’s way with us these past few years and I know we are far from finished with this existential spin cycle.

Yet, through all of this, there have been a few new promptings on this end. After nearly a decade of deep study and working with many friends and family, I am finally offering astrological readings publicly.

Why Astrology?

I believe, as a collective, we are moving beyond a time when spiritual practice is only meant for fluffy self-padding, crystal toting, spiritual, “sex appeal” aesthetics. No offense to my crystal people out there. I like pretty rocks just as much as anyone, but my goal in astrology practice is to take these often nebulous ideas and ground them into the real world. When these ideals are brought to terra firma, I believe they may offer deeper connection not only to your personal experience but to help you form healthy relationships with the ecosystem of other and planet. Times, they are changing. It is high time that we begin to see the connections rather than the separations, the patterns versus comparisons. If we are to heal, we must be relationship-focused and in my not so humble opinion, Astrology is one of the most wonderful archetypal methods to remind us that nobody is better or worse than one another. We all have apparently horrific shadows that are actually usually unrefined and remarkable divine qualities with very convincing disguises. And…they come in different flavors. The more we study these different flavors, the deeper our compassion can run both for ourselves and others. There is no astrological sign or configuration that is better, no astrological sign or configuration that is worse—only lessons and different faces. We all have a part to play in refining our psychological broken shards into ocean-worn sea glass. It’s time to jump into the ocean, to participate, to show up to our lives with the full package, the good the bad and the ugly—all in, all the way. It is in the realm of astrology where spirit and matter connect. It is a language as ancient as the moment some humanoid being looked up at the stars with wonder, confusion and hope. Let’s make use of it to live our lives, wildly, purposefully and presently.

What clients have said about their experience:

“Katrina is masterful. Being in her presence feels like sitting with someone who embodies lifetimes of deep self cultivation work. I’ve worked with astrologers for over a decade. Katrina is quite a translator. Reading stars and planets is a fine art and I find the level of subtlety she has reached to be very important in tuning in the energies. As a lifelong yogi and artist, Katrina is to me an incredibly refined ally to help my inner work and turn it into the artful life I’m meant to bring forth. I’m eager to keep working with her knowledge, as tool for awareness.”

Audrey D.

“Katrina is a Medicine Woman. Her wisdom holds the gift of healing and the desire to restore balance. She is heart-centered and works for the greater good. Her passion for serving others is evident in her depth of knowledge, how well prepared she is and how tender she delivers her message. Katrina is a gift to us all and needed now more than ever”

Lynne Q.

“I was most impressed with the level of knowledge, insight and foresight as well as Katrina’s mastery of the subject matter, in her readings. I found the information very valuable to know my past, current and future tendencies as well as my abilities pertaining to my overall lifework. It was a great “reset” for me per considering my life decisions and thought process for helping me navigate life. Both readings were an outstanding experience and an eye-opener for me, offering a level of great comfort and healing. My experiences were so incredibly positive that I’ve recommended her sessions to family and friends. I look forward to working with Katrina again in future, to sample the many healing modalities she offers.”

Christina N.

“I began my astrological reading with Katrina with these questions in mind: Does it matter where and when I came into the planet? Do I choose my destiny or do things align? Or both? And is there something, some helpful nugget of truth or guidance, in this process for me?

If you like to explore all kinds of possibilities concerning the unfolding of your life, an astrological reading with Katrina will give you plenty to think about. She was insightful, caring, smart, and able to explain a bit about how astrology works as we went along (since I was a novice).

She will affirm that your pathway is unique and important. I did not experience my reading so much as "fortune telling" but more as information for me to understand the possibilities of alignment (or not) in my path. If you are curious about the ebb and flow of patterns, energy, and growth points in your life, a reading with Katrina will be explanatory, validating, and maybe even inspiring!”

Suzanne Haas-Cunningham, PhD.

“Katrina's astrological reading mimicked exactly what is going on in my life

and helped me put together a future strategy. I am currently retiring

my business and am looking at personal retirement. I started this action

last year and my reading indicated that is what I was doing and that

I would successfully transition into retirement. All with a functional

and successful plan. Her readings were and are very helpful with my business and life.”

Jerry T.

At this time, I offer two types of readings. There will be more to come as the year progresses.

Birth Chart

90-Minutes, $150

This reading is suitable for folks at any stage of life - all ages and astrology experience are welcome. We will focus on an in-depth look at your natal chart, including your innate strengths and challenges according to the planets. Whether you are in need of direction or are simply curious, your reading will be an enlightening and healing experience that will ultimately connect you with the magnificent spark that lies within your soul. That light is your birthright which, too often, becomes dulled or shrouded by life’s challenges. A personalized reading can help you to realign with that spark and embody the full brightness of your soul’s potential. Our greatest navigation tools are the stars and planets above. I look forward to being your guide.

Personal Year

90-Minutes, $200

Do you want to know what to expect in the next 12 months and how to harness the life cycle you are in and the astrological energies unique to you? Do you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed? I’ve been through times like this and the one thing that truly helped me was understanding my soul blueprint through my astrology chart. Astrology readings can help you to tune into your soul as well as understand the wider reasons why you are going through, or have been through difficult times. We can accurately identify key life passages and transitions as well as look to the future for more auspicious and beneficial passages and transits. We can then plan our activities and harness the natural energy for maximum success. We will look at the placement of your progressed planets as well as the key transits at play for the next 1-2 years - in other words how the positions of the planets now are activating your birth chart. You can ask specific questions such as "when should I launch my program/business or what are the main themes for me in the next 12 months?"

I also offer gift certificates as these make fantastic birthday and holiday gifts for those you love. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please contact me.

Full Moon in Leo, February 16th, 2022

How to Read this Report

In order to fully appreciate this reading, it is important that you are familiar with your rising or ascendant sign. This is different from your sun sign which is what you will normally look-up in the horoscope section of your favorite magazine. Your rising sign depends on your time of birth as it appears on your birth certificate and provides a much more nuanced and accurate account of your position in the cosmos. In order to find your rising sign please, visit this site. I have designed the reading in this fashion as I think this is the first doorway into realizing that astrology is so much larger than your daily horoscope. Knowing your rising sign opens up greater possibilities of archetypal exploration. In some schools of astrology, it is considered to be far more important than your sun sign. To me, it often indicates a very specific signature of the soul.

What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

For various reasons, many people don’t have access to their birth certificates. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me. There are ways to figure out your rising sign but they require a seasoned astrologer and I’m happy to help you.

Now onto the fun stuff.

Leo Speaks

Read into any full moon report on this or that blog and you are sure to find the general notion that the full moon is a time to “let go,” “realize” and some other such “New Agey” speak. I would like to offer a fresh perspective. The time of the full moon, in my opinion is the time to give, and offer—whether that be to give someone comfort, offer compost to the ground, or perhaps even give your opinion where it’s warranted. The full moon on February 16th is a beautiful one that brings out our Leonine sensibilities and connects us directly with our hearts. The sun feels the most at home in Leo and so when its Yin natured Moon counterpart comes to connect with this energy, there is a rejoicing of more mysterious aspects temporarily bathing in the warmth of Yang geniality. This is a time to give and to give from the heart, unconditionally, unapologetically to the world, to a stranger, to your dog, to yourself. Often, when we think of “letting go” it seems like a painful notion but it doesn’t have to be. What if we think about the process of releasing as a giving—as a sacramental offering? This full moon finds herself in a strong quincunx to Pluto, the God of the Underworld. It’s likely that during this time, strong emotions may be bubbling to the surface from the subterranean world. You may have a hard time expressing them or knowing how to express them. I would like to gently remind you that you have the ability to let go of your need to control or analyze these emotions. Instead, reflect on the truth that they bring to the surface. Treat them with love and open arms. After all, they’ve been stuck in a dark and uncertain place for so long. A warm embrace is probably exactly what they need. This Moon also finds herself squaring the nodal axis. What emerges from deep below probably contains memories, perhaps even karmic memories that your body feels but you don’t readily understand. They can be from your ancestors or perhaps even previous existences. However, they will not be easily categorized and thus don’t let them stew in your mind for too long. Instead, find Leonine ways to express them. Spread out a blank canvass or sheet and go to town with some paints, move your body to some extra dramatic music, make love, romance someone you love or even yourself. Just make sure you are moving and moving from the heart. This is no time to analyze or you will roil in frustration. Feel the feels and let them move you to offer up yourself to the romance of mystery.

The Collective:

The Theme: Wandering

“Sometimes when you lose your way, you find yourself.”

― Mandy Hale

If you’re feeling a little lost in the plot, you’re not alone. This upcoming lunar month invites us, as a collective, to dive a little deeper into the idea of being “lost.” Yes, of course the all too hackneyed Tolkien quote comes to mind—“not all who wander are lost.” However, in this situation it’s a good reminder that we are wanderers, all of us. We came into this life journey from who knows where and here we are…wandering. The realization that we are lost is valuable, if a tad bit uncomfortable. However, as we all know, acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery. The next step is to accept that we will perhaps never be totally “found.” If we can accept this, then a perspective change is certainly in order. Just like the Hanged Man tarot card indicates, it’s essential that when life offers us a stalemate that we take advantage of it as a graceful pause to see matters from a different perspective. As this Leonine moon starts off the month, she is inviting you to apply a bit more of a romantic view to the current state of things. A wanderer is certainly more romantic notion than a lost person. Give it time. Allow yourself to get a little bored. Some of the best ideas come out of boredom. The nebulous nature of this time will not be forever, in fact there will be some swift changes in wind arriving all too soon. Enjoy this time of pause and take a note from the books of experienced travelers—be flexible and adaptable, pack light. Even though you may be in the same physical location as you were last month, this month takes on the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. The landscape has changed and what used to be familiar may now seem foreign. You have a choice, view it as a tragedy of change or embrace the adventure that will ultimately broaden your horizons. And, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. We are all working this energy during this time, so team up with some fellow travelers and share the road.

Aries Rising

“Peace begins with a smile.”

-Mother Theresa

This full moon initiates an invitation to offer up your imagination, proclivity for fun, adventure and creative disposition to serve something greater than yourself. This could be a cause you are passionate about or just showing up unexpectedly at work with balloons and cake for everyone…just because. Utilize the strong energy of this moon to find some inner sweetness to serve those that need a little extra light in their lives. This energy keeps circulating for you during the next month as your focus most likely will be on nourishment, health and well-being. One of the greatest ways to maintain that well-being is by finding ways to smile and make others smile as well. Sometimes, I think great comics like Charlie Chaplin and Robin Williams should be sainted. The medicine that came through their humor sticks with us in our hearts and minds, still. You can be that this month, my Aries loves (sans any tragic depression). Find it within you and you will realize that when you make others laugh or smile, you also benefit greatly. Nourishment of the heart calls for healthy relationships in your life. Take some time this next month to examine what is nourishing to you and how/ if you are being nourishing to those around you. Be extra vigilant about any sense of envy that comes into the picture. Envy is the enemy of nourishment. It will leave you feeling starved. Instead, focus on how you can provide sustenance for yourself and yes, even those you envy. Then you will never go hungry again. Take a look at the company you keep and your lifestyle itself even if it appears satisfying, is it truly nourishing? If you can change accordingly you will find yourself experiencing a deep inner stillness by the end of the month, a stillness that feels like, dare I say, peace?

Journal Prompts:

What makes me smile?

What nourishes me?

How can I bring more fun, creativity and love into the lives of people around me?

Is my lifestyle, environment and the people I surround myself nourishing me or depleting me?

How can I adjust accordingly?

Taurus Rising

“There are many things in life worth getting temporarily tired for, but there is nothing in life worth getting permanently tired for.”

― George Hammond

This Leo moon begs the question, how can your home, family and/or lineage support your creativity and self-expression? It’s time to find a space wherever you reside, whether it’s a studio apartment or forty acres of wild land to give yourself the environment to create and have a bit of good old fashioned fun. If “doing fun” sounds like a lot of work, I understand. The ongoing exhaustion of the times is real. However, you may find that it is not so much your body that is tired but your soul. This month continues in the fashion of contraction and it will likely feel incredibly oppressive unless you can carve out your own personal space and time to touch back into the feeling of creating for creativity’s sake—not for an audience (except perhaps close people you consider “family), not for money, just to have some damn fun. Sometimes that concept can feel foreign during times of strife and survival and yet, the soul surviving is just as important as the body surviving. You may feel restricted but you still have room, you still have an imagination, you still have a part of you that remains eternally curious. Never underestimate your creative power, especially if you valiantly carve out time and space to let it express itself. On the other hand, there are likely projects or persons that will continue to drain your energy this month if you do not hold strong boundaries. It’s ok to take a break from them even if those breaks are small stolen moments that you protect like they are your own children. It’s possible that during this time that you are greatly desiring answers and resolutions that are spoken and straightforward. It is far more likely that you will find answers that aren’t so linear yet far more satisfying in silence. Despite any rut in which you may feel stuck, there is a possibility of change but only if you decide to do something different. Remember that thing about the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Yes, remember that.

Journal Prompts:

How can I shift things in my living space to promote creativity and space for personal expression?

What do I need to communicate to my family/roommates to claim space or to gain their support in my creative endeavors?

If I am stuck, what can I do differently?

Is there any support being offered to me that I’m not accepting that would perhaps help?

What would be genuinely fun to do right now?

Gemini Rising

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

― Pablo Neruda

Can you smell it in the air, Gemini? Though the cold of Winter still clings (depending on where you live of course, but flow with the metaphor, folks), the deep thaw is beginning. You, in particular, as a sign, are quite in alignment with this season’s delivery to Spring’s doorstep. This is certainly true for the communication aspects of your life. If you are a writer or work in communications, that writer’s block is about to melt with the snow. Same with any aspect of your life where you feel you have been blocked from clear communication. That being the case, this full moon heralds a month in which you have plenty of opportunities to openly communicate how you feel about (and to) the people you live with and/or your close family. That doesn’t mean the messages you’re aware you need to communicate are necessarily easy. However, rest assured that the stars are on your side during this time. So take a deep breath and be honest but be kind. Let your words come from the depth of your heart. How are you feeling? What do the people around you need to know? I can guarantee that if you take steps to clear the air, the air will clear. It really is that simple. If John Mayer is your jam then let the soundtrack to this month be “say what you need to say.” It is likely that if you communicate authentically during this time, with full intent to create harmony for yourself and those around you, you will discover greater capabilities of which you were previously unaware. Whatever it is that you declare this month is more than a momentary event for you, it will likely echo throughout your personal life for the rest of the year. The Leonine energy present from the moon will likely boost your creative and artistic proclivities especially in the realm of music, song, writing, poetry and journalistic prose. Take advantage of it and ride the wave. You have likely been doing more internal work this winter than you might have previously acknowledged. It’s going to pay off. Use what you’ve been through, use it to sing, chant, explain, elucidate, articulate and watch how your home life begins to come alive.

Journal Prompts:

If I’m being honest and kind, what do I really need to say, especially to my family/roomates?

What is a kind and true thing I can communicate to someone I love?

If I knew I was being fully supported in this season, what would I do?

Where is there true hope in my life? How can I help that hope grow?

As I am rising, who can I take with me?

Cancer Rising

"Changing is what people do when they have no options left."

- Holly Black

You have come to a turning point, my Cancer friends. This lunar month indicates an inevitable shift in your central value system. This doesn’t necessarily mean any external events influence this, though this is entirely possible. However, it is just as likely that this change is completely internal, spontaneous and takes you and everyone around you by surprise. It’s likely that what you previously desired has lost its shine because for some reason or another it wasn’t connected to the wisdom of your heart. This Leo moon implores you to look within and ask, is it love or fear from which I am deciding and acting? Be courageous, love. The time is nigh and you cannot stop the changing winds. If you dig deep, this shift in values will ultimately transform the way you think and communicate. Generally, the mind lives in the duality of “this or that,” “either/or.” However, this month calls for you to go beyond the mind to change your mind. If you feel like you are stuck in the “what ifs” and fretting about what might have been or what might be, it’s a good sign that you’re stuck in your thoughts. Exit the theater of your thinking and go for a long walk in the woods, dance, swim, sing, jog, just do anything to get out of your mind and into your body—into your heart. Otherwise, to put it plainly, you will truly drive yourself and everyone else around you a little nuts. You may be somehow given some extra time in your life due to an unexpected change. Instead of living in the world of regret and fret, use this time for creative self-development and getting clear on what it is you truly value. You cannot move forward with clarity and vigor unless you know what you stand for. Whatever happens, don’t collapse. Take a deep breath, withdraw from the external chaos into the world of deeper knowing and go from there.

Journal Prompts:

What are my top five values?

If I'm being honest, am I living by those values?

Have my values changed over the past year? Are they changing now?

No more journal prompts. Stop thinking and go do something to creatively connect with your body intelligence instead. :)

Leo Rising

"The human heart will never wrinkle."

— Marie de Rabutin-Chantal de Sévigné

Darling, there is no way around it—you are simply fabulous. And if you haven’t realized that yet, this is the month to do it. You may find that your focus is on having your outside match your inside. As a brave and beautiful Leo, you will likely find a deep resonance with this conjunct full moon. Some say wearing your heart on your sleeve is foolish but, considering the celestial movements this lunar month, I’d say the joke’s on those who would say such things. This old adage doesn’t take into account the strength, wisdom and kindness of the heart, of your heart. What if you wore your heart on your whole body, maybe with some glitter, or expensive cologne? What if you wore your wisdom so proudly that even the vicious sharks would melt in the light of your knowing? “Cour-age” is a word literally meaning “to come from the heart.” It truly doesn’t matter what you look like—if each act, each word, each glance comes straight from your heart space, then you will be gorgeous. This is a month where life is inviting you to bring your inner truth to the surface. It truly does not matter what others think, if you present yourself in alignment with your intuitive knowing, no one can touch you or take that away from you. When you take brave actions to live authentically, you actually will create greater security for yourself and those around you. This can mean emotional security but also, financial security. This is not a matter of “doing something” to get what you want, rather being unabashedly and unashamedly yourself. When others sense your realness, their hearts will also be inspired and you will find depths of support you had not previously thought imaginable.

Journal Prompts:

What is awesome about me?

What are five words I would use to describe me at my best?

Does my outward appearance match those words? If not, what adjustments would I like to make?

What do I know for sure?

What talents, gifts and beauty have I been locking away that need to come out and play?

Virgo Rising

“Rushing into action, you fail.

Trying to grasp things, you lose them.

Forcing a project to completion,

you ruin what was almost ripe.

Therefore the Master takes action

by letting things take their course.

He remains as calm at the end

as at the beginning.”


There is no doubt about it Virgo friends, this month marks the end of a very long and arduous cycle. You are almost at the finish line but you still have one more lunar month of especially deep introspection and processing before a fresh new start beckons you forth. You may be surprised at how ordinary experiences can offer especially deep insights. For example, when you are able to healthily detach yourself from the definitions of “good and bad” “dark and light” and witness the nuances therein, you will be able to taste a peak of wisdom that can restore a sense of well-being and harmony. Despite this, you may find that there is a strange bittersweetness about this time. Although you are wanting so badly to “arrive” at some type of completion, when the end is only two steps away, you may find yourself frightened of the blank slate that lies on the other side of achievement. You will soon be stepping into the unknown where a whole new cycle of creation is at your fingertips. Also, remember that when you reach a zenith, you are standing on top of a hill. From this vantage point, everyone can see you whether or not you want them to. Even if you are exhausted, battered, exposed or standing naked, it’s best to take pride in these as battle scars. You’ve earned them. You have nothing to hide and all of it is worthy of deep respect and admiration. Let people admire you a bit. You deserve it. However, do not mistake this admiration as the prize. Living fully in the here and now is the ultimate reward. Life gets complicated when we live in an illusion of being somehow “ special.” There is no ultimate arrival, there is only change and the specialness of evolution.

Journal Prompts:

What am I ready to leave behind?

If there is no real completion, only change, how does that change my perspective?

If I know achievement is an illusion, how would I change the way I live?

What unfinished business needs taking care of?

How can I take pride in my battle scars and receive the type of recognition that fills up my heart?

Libra Rising

“Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction.”

― Criss Jami

This lunar month begins with you facing the public and amongst friends. Due to unlikely events, it will most likely end in you wanting or needing a more insulated space away from the fray. Strange and unexpected attractions are in the air. You may find that your head and your heart want completely different things or that someone or something enters your sphere and causes you to be utterly bedazzled. This person, subject, object, idea or philosophy is something you normally would never pay attention to or find yourself compelled towards. And yet, here it is and you see it in a totally new light. The phrase “opposites attract” has never been so true as it is during this time. On one hand, this thing that shows up will feel like a missing puzzle piece, like the yin to your yang. On the other it is likely to challenge you, to spit fire, to seduce, to push and pull your previously serene sensibilities. Proceed with caution but don’t completely restrict yourself either. Find a happy medium where you can reliably inch forward with grounded awareness and also allow your heart to be fed by what it desires. Be honest with yourself. What undermines your well-being? Was it the way you were functioning before this time or is it whatever/whoever has come spinning into your world now? Beware of extremes and do not get caught up in the drama of your own mind, lest it manifest in the physical world. Whatever new and jolting energy enters your life this month, one way or another, it is a signpost that is beckoning you to embrace your ultimate potential. It is here to push you out of your comfort zone and to commune with something more authentic and creative. Should you choose to consummate your connection with the contradictory energy available to you, know that you are in for a ride but it might just be what you need to reconnect to what is real.

Journal Prompts:

Is it possible for me to love something/someone who is practically the opposite in every way?

What can/could I learn from someone/something so different?

How have I been neglecting the connection to myself in favor of looking good for the public?

Is there really such a thing as opposites in this world?

What makes me drawn to or repulsed by something?

Scorpio Rising

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life."

Michael Cunningham

If you have been putting your heart and soul into your career or chosen path, then this month will most likely be incredibly rewarding for you—not in the sense of overwhelming success or receiving accolades but in the way that you finally feel a true sense of peace in what you are producing. To experience peace on any level is a true blessing. Such moments shimmer with the luminosity of promise. It really could be as simple as the realization that you love what you do or on the other hand, you don’t love what you do and you are at peace with the fact that you must transition. Whatever the circumstances, the Universe is gifting you with a certain amount of serenity this lunar month. However, the trick is not to be lulled into believing that this feeling will be here forever. Embrace it fully, enjoy it but know that life is an ongoing adventure. The dance of light and dark continues ever on and so it makes it just that much more important to be present. Know that the peace you feel is a watermark of a much larger peace that is available when you find acceptance of the changing nature of the world. Embrace this actively—this means avoiding judgment of others and yourself. Don’t be so quick to discount the people you work with or who come into your professional sphere. Be open to what they are offering and yet also keep a certain amount of discernment in your tool belt. Be like bamboo in the wind—flexible yet durable. If you can accept those around you and the situations at hand with peace in your heart then you have the opportunity to find grace amongst your peers, with organizations and possible donors. However, it is imperative that you put your energy into any area or relationship that you have neglected, including the one with yourself. In this way, you present yourself to the public in a way that is completely uncontrived. We are starving for authenticity in this day and age of instagram filters and dribbling denial of what is real. The grace of being yourself outweighs all of that.

Journal Prompts

Where in my career am I finding peace? If I am not, are there other peaceful options?

Is there someone in my professional sphere who I have been dismissing who may actually be of great help?

Who in my professional sphere makes my nervous system immediately relax?

Is what I’m producing professionally contributing to a peaceful world?

What is grace? Who do I know who is graceful?

Sagittarius Rising

"All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power. If you want to govern the people, you must place yourself below them. If you want to lead the people, you must learn how to follow them."

Lao Tzu

This lunar month invites you to plumb your heart for your true philosophy, Sag friends. Of course, being a natural philosopher yourself, this isn’t such a difficult task. However, here is the catch: this time is asking you to find the humility, trust and cooperation to receive guidance not just from your heart but from others who will point you to deeper places of your being. You have a great philosophical milieu from which to graze. There is no doubt about that. However, this is not a time to boast of your prowess. Instead, it is a time to look for teachers and guides who can help catalyze your understanding and self-awareness. We all have our blind spots and it is essential that we have the unpretentiousness to allow feedback and reflection. Finding a good role model can help us dig deeper and expand into greater consciousness. Of course, this always comes with a warning label. Not all leaders, teachers and guides work selflessly to take you deeper into your heart. Stay in touch with your inner voice when seeking guidance. Pay attention to the cues in your body when you are around a teacher. If something feels off, it probably is. On the other hand, the invitation here is to seek until you find someone of deep resonance. There are times when it is beneficial to withdraw into your own knowing and there are times when it is helpful to seek out the truths of others in order to broaden your own perspective. Now is the time to embrace the latter. Again, this does not mean abandoning your principles but rather enriching your understanding through the knowledge of other. Be flexible, yet discerning and it is more than likely that this time of learning will lead to a time of professional success or adjustment. Due to your philosophical growth, you may find a greater awareness in the way in which you support and are supported by others in your chosen career.

Journal Prompts:

What do I believe in? What does my heart know?

Who are some teachers/teachings that I am interested in knowing more about?

If I look deeper, can I see some blind spots?

What constitutes a good teacher?

Where in my life do I need a touch more humility?

Capricorn Rising

"Stories never really end...even if the books like to pretend they do. Stories always go on. They don't end on the last page, any more than they begin on the first page."

— Cornelia Funke

This lunar month indicates a closing chapter for you, my Cappy friends—which of course means it is also a beginning. Any themes around your shared resources with others, intimate, intense relationships and studies into the mysterious and occult are coming to a head. A change is on the horizon which considering the long, dark journey you’ve been on, is most likely incredibly welcome. You are getting ready to transition into a time when your most basic philosophies are bound to transform either through physical study, travel or simply spiritual contemplation. In the meantime, this month is one to honor your path so far, to reflect on your traversing and where it has lead you. Where have you become enmeshed in relationships? What needs some breathing room? Are you ready to take the next steps to study deeper and more mysterious aspects of life in a formal way? Now is the time to truly take stock of where you have come from and consider where you might want to head. It is likely that this might mean severing ties with relationships that though perhaps beautiful, have been holding you back. Honor the pain and complexity that comes with the process of untangling yourself from webs you’ve been stuck in for some time. Honor your interest in the deeper and more true aspects of life—let them lead you forth into new discoveries. Sometimes, when we’ve had a rough ride in life, it’s easy to delude ourselves into thinking we have somehow been sought out by some wrathful god and that we are the ones that get picked on specifically. Do not fall into this illusion. None of us are special in this way. We all have challenges and triumphs. Tune in deeper to the energy of movement and change and you will see that the Universe is impartial except for the goal of learning. Strangely, this month hands you off to a philosophical school (real or metaphorical) that teaches the value of family. This doesn't necessarily mean your blood family. In fact, it’s more likely that this is about the human family. In the coming months, you will learn what that really means.

Journal Prompts:

What or who is trapping me or keeping me from moving forward?

If I am to breathe deeper, what in my life needs to go?

What deep aspects of life am I ready to really study?

What philosophies that I’ve held onto for a long time am I ready to abandon?

What does it mean to be a part of the human family?

Aquarius Rising

"The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise."

Maya Angelou

Relationships, relationships, relationships. That is the name of the game this month, dear Aquarians. It is time to take a field trip from that beautiful mind of yours down into the deeper and perhaps more mysterious realms of the heart. Here you will find the voice of your heart which actually holds more detached clarity and steady knowing-ness than you might imagine. Have the courage to visit this space within yourself and you will begin to recognize this space in others. Also, if you begin to think, act and speak from this place you may notice that others immediately are compelled to dig deeper into their own space of heart wisdom. You will recognize this inner voice by its serene nature. I always whispers calmly. It never shouts, nor is violent. It just simply “knows.” It can be difficult for most of us who live, breathe and eat from our mind space to travel to such unknown territories. However, it is necessary if we are to develop and cultivate real, nourishing relationships with others and with Self. Listen to this deeper space this month and you can’t go wrong. It’s as simple as that. That being said, it can be difficult to discern this voice amongst the chatter of different voices we have inside. Most of the time these voices come from parents, teachers, co-workers and friends, all telling us different things, all having different opinions. To pick the voice of inner truth out from the crowd takes some practice and discipline to sit in silence until the rest of the crowd exhausts themselves in our mind. When you reach this place, trust the love that emerges. Let it be your guiding light that frees you from the fear of your mind. This, in turn, can liberate those around you. Share your discoveries with open hands. This will take your relationships to the next level, one of mutual contemplation and enrichment. This is intimacy. This is what we all desire. You have the path that leads to this destination, do not let it go to waste.

Journal Prompts:

Let yourself be silent for 5 minutes without distractions. Then write a page or two freehand about anything. Notice what wants to be heard underneath the din of arguing mind-voices.

What is it that I truly desire in a relationship?

If my heart took a hold of my writing utensil and wrote on a blank page, what would it say?

What is true intimacy? Does it scare me? Why?

What inner truth wants/needs to be spoken?

Pisces Rising

"When you have built a satisfying relationship with yourself, then you have something of great worth to share with others. Abundance"

Dossie Easton

This Leonine moon finds itself shining on several aspects of your life including your daily habits, diet, health and how you serve the world. Rest assured, she shines very favorably on these aspects but of course, this requires your participation. You may find an unexpected shift in motivation not stemming from fear but rather from love, to take better care of yourself. It is a great time to lovingly look at your habits and decide what is serving you and others and what is not. Though this may feel like a rather practical and not particularly stimulating life aspect for you (you would perhaps rather focus on more lofty ideals), it is finding alignment with the mundane that creates a healthy foundation for those higher minded notions to come into manifestation. If you have been ill or sick, you may find yourself recovering your strength during this month. There is, indeed, a sweetness to this time in which you come in greater contact with the messages of your body. Truly take advantage of the opportunities afforded to build your physical strength and find habits that truly fuel and inspire you. Celebrate! That is the most important piece of advice. When you are taking care of yourself by completing tasks like cleaning, exercising, meditating, journaling make sure you mark those occasions with words of encouragement. You are creating new neural pathways that will respond so much better if you reinforce them with positivity and kindness. Every success, even if it’s drinking an extra glass of water deserves a mental note of “you’re doing such a great job, honey! I’m so proud of you.” This abundance of health that is quickly becoming available is so needed not just for you but for the people around you. When your cup is full, it will naturally overflow. This health is not just for you, it is so that you may serve and in turn, ease the way for someone else. In this process, I invite you to notice the next time someone says “thank you” if your response is something along the lines of “oh, no worries” or “it was nothing,” see how that draws more attention to yourself? If you simply say “you’re welcome” there is no sense of false humility, simply unconditional love. Be aware of these dynamics in your interactions with others. Your increasing health and vitality is occuring not to give you more attention but to allow you to be a strong, still and wise mountain that others can lean on during times of uncertainty. In this, your relationships will naturally flourish because your energy field is sturdy, authentic and secure.

Journal Prompts:

What 3 new habits would I like to implement this month?

What would it look like if I were truly healthy and vital?

If I had more energy and strength, how would I want to serve others?

If I received my sense of security from within, how would my relationships change?

Suggested daily journal: What am I proud of myself for today?

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