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Soulful Mentorship

A Private Life-Guidance and Mentorship Package

The ultimate investment in personal transformation, this 3-month program is a deep journey to experience and actively use successful tools to find centeredness, wholeness, and connection. If you are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, depression or a general sense of disconectedness, this experience is for you.

"it has been the critical experience of my life."

Katrina changed my life! She is the puzzle piece, the critical piece, that I had been searching for ... for decades! She has a pureness about her - of heart and energy, which she so generously flows healing light. She is a true empath - seeing me ... and guiding me back to myself. Therapy has served a great purpose but Katrina has been the critical experience of my life, allowing it to all come together - to Connect. I will carry her lessons always."


Tamra L.



Throughout this experience, you will be lovingly guided to connect with the most powerful, wise and soulful version of yourself. This is a highly personalized journey to fit your needs. You will learn specific tools that can and will serve you for the rest of your life. Your self-care is about to get a whole lot more fun and successful in producing the absolute best version of you. This package is specifically meant for those who are not just ready to feel better but to feel whole

"This lady is the real deal."

Practitioners all over Portland want to help you fix this and that - honestly, I can't stress this enough: this lady is the real deal. Katrina will gently, unrelentingly guide you back to the hidden core of your situation that you can control and help you find your most empowered energy to support a meaningful, positive change.”

Jamie F.


This package may include but is not limited to:

  • 12 highly personalized one-on-one sessions geared towards autonomizing you and your emotional/spiritual care practice.

  • An in-depth Intro Session that will help us both outline your goals during our time together and assist you in starting your hero's journey

  • A full Astrological Birth Chart Reading to help locate your challenges and gifts and to give you a map for your life-journey

  • Materials and education on how to track your unique energy cycle, assisting you in being able to predict your mood and energy fluctuations throughout the month.

  • 1-2 Virtual or In Person Reiki Sessions to help you become aware of your energetic body, to release stagnant energy, assist with relaxation, awareness and clarity.

  • Instruction and Guidance through 4 personalized meditations and reflection exercises specifically geared towards the four phases of your unique energy cycle.

  • A fun and insightful Archetype Reading to get to know your internal characters and how they are reflected in the external world

  •  1-4 Virtual or In Person Nature Therapy experiences using the natural world as a mirror for your internal world and ultimately finding greater connection

  • A Power Mantra Session: a unique experience you wont find with any other therapist. This session is a powerful re-set to help you re-wire your brain towards embodying your personal power. 

  • At-Home opportunities for you to practice between sessions and accountability check-ins with your facilitator. They say it takes 30 days to form a new habit and we have 90 days together to form a completely new lifestyle for you.

  • Check-Ins and processing sessions to help you stay aware of your progress and to address any challenges that may arise.

"It was nothing short of life-changing."

I booked a full Soulful Mentorship package with Katrina, and it was nothing short of life changing. I haven't had much experience with things like Reiki, guided meditations, nor power mantras before and was frankly a bit skeptical at first. But Katrina would take great care in explaining these processes in a way that I would truly understand them and gain value. I've had some pretty severe issues with anxiety this year and seemingly random panic attacks, but after going through these different sessions, I have noticed a significant change in my confidence in moving through them and this has really helped me get a lot of my life back.

She is highly professional, puts an impressive amount of custom-tailored detail into her services, and is a very kind human being. I'd 100% recommend her for those looking to confront their own anxiety or depression."
Eric C.

​First Session is Free, 45 Mins

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