Your Wild Nature

Uncovering the Secrets of Herbs and Plants


Facilitated by
Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Owner of Wild Soul Guidance.

Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a Nature Mystic, Best-Selling Author and a Soulful Mentor. She has a passion for connection—deep connection to one's true self,  to a loving community and to land. 

In this 6-Week Workshop We Will Cover

This Workshop is For You If:

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  • You have zero experience working with plants and herbs or you already have some herbal experience but want to dive deeper into intuitive methods of cultivating herbal wisdom.
  • You often experience racing thoughts and want to become more embodied and less stuck in your mind.
  • You already have a fascination with the natural world or you don’t know much about it and you’d like to form a deeper relationship
  • You’ve dealt with anxiety, depression or any health issues that haven’t been easily addressed by Western Medical Science
  • You are interested in learning about how what grows in your front yard could actually be medicine.
  • You would like to learn techniques that draw you into deeper connection with yourself, your community and the land you live on.
  • You are looking for tools to regulate your nervous system and reconnect with your innate clarity.
  • You are interested in exploring basic ethical foraging in your local ecosystem.
"Katrina is a Medicine Woman.

Her wisdom holds the gift of healing and the desire to restore balance. She is heart-centered and works for the greater good. Her passion for serving others is evident in her depth of knowledge, how well prepared she is and how tenderly she delivers her message. Katrina is a gift to us all and needed now more than ever.”

Lynne Q.

What You Will Learn:
  • Dive into understanding your unique constitution and how your body is deeply connected to the elements of the earth
  • Learn about different elements and their correspondences with herbs according to ancient Herbal systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Learn about herbs that grow wild in your backyard that you can use for a variety of purposes
  • Form a deeper relationship with nature which allows you to understand herbal medicine in a more traditional and intuitive way
  • Gain an understanding of how to address certain health imbalances with herbs
  • Learn more about the land you live on and the people who have shepherded it before you arrived
  • Form a basic medicine cabinet that you can use for the rest of your life
Herbal Treatment
"'ll feel nourished by the magic she brings.

"Katrina is one of those souls you hope to find. She has an ability to intuitively read, draw out the deeper hidden meanings that we can't see ourselves, to be direct and compassionate. I love that she helps you discover your own truth while also holding you accountable and calling you out as needed. Spend sometime learning with Katrina—you'll feel nourished by the magic she brings."

Chivito C.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Six 90-Minute Live Zoom Community Gatherings with some special guests including a Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Shaman
  • Available personal check-ins with the Instructor
  • Weekly homework, and opportunities to deepen your experience and study
  • A live forum to discuss questions, insights and experiences with your fellow students
  • Pairing with someone from a similar ecosystem with whom to share the journey

Workshop Dates:

If you can't make some or any of these classes live, no worries!
They will be recorded and available class participants.
Six Live Zoom Community Gatherings:
Saturday, July 9th at 9AM PST
Saturday, July 16th at 9AM PST
Saturday, July 23rd at 9AM PST
Saturday, August 20th at 9AM PST
Saturday, August 27th at 9AM PST
Saturday, September 3rd at 9AM PST

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