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Many of us have been taught that it is not ok or safe to take up space to be our full, embodied, selves. At Wild Soul, we help you connect with your authentic power and to stand nobly in true alignment with the uniqueness that is you. It is your birthright to be here, to express, to be seen and heard. You are wanted. You are needed.


Our digital connection has overtaken our emotional connection. Both are important but so is the balance between the two. When we find ourselves deeply connected to our true selves, supportive community and land, we naturally thrive. Just like in a healthy ecosystem, we thrive off of diverse and nourishing connections. Wild Soul brings you back in communion with embodied connection.


At some point in our lives trauma and grief strip us bare. They leave us raw and bewildered. Recovery is about new skin—about acknowledging the wounds and scars and also being present with the new possibilities that they create. There is a natural intelligence in our bodies that will allow us to heal if we let it. At Wild Soul, we help you connect with that natural intelligence and give space for all experiences of recovery as yours is unique to you.


In our busy-ness and our survival, we often forget to ask questions, to be curious, to create on a whim. Many of us did this when we were children. Life then, was one big, wondrous path of discovery. At Wild Soul, we give you full permission to reclaim fun, knowing that this openness leads to magical and unexpected discoveries. Life is meant to be wonder-full.


Whenever we feel broken or lost, it's because we have forgotten who we are. Due to social conditioning and trauma, we have discarded parts of ourselves along the way in order to survive. Wild Soul is here to help you remember what you have forgotten, connect with your ancestors and re-member—to gather your left behind and abandoned members to integrate into wholeness. This is a state where all peices are loved, accepted and cherished.


We were all born wild. We all desire not only the permission but the freedom to embody our whole selves without apology. Re-Wilding is about pure, authentic expression and relishing in sacred mystery. We are nature and she is waiting for us to come back home.
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