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What the Eff is Going On?

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A Personalized Exploration of Monthly Astrology

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A Personalized Experience

This monthly gathering is a space where folks from all walks of life get to converge and explore the meaning of life-events through the lens of Astrology.

Join us for a 90-Minute Journey of Exploration which includes:

  • An introduction to your personal transit chart

  • Significant planetary events for the month

  • Discussions on archetypal influences

  • Play astrologer to make your own predictions! 


This is a non-denominational experience in which the emphasis is placed on each individual person’s journey and reflections versus prescriptions from the astrologer. Through this method, each participant feels empowered to become present to the energy of the transits in their own life while getting to share deeply and honestly in a supportive community. 


This is a container of kindness and acceptance where you are allowed to show up precisely as you are. 

What if there was a roadmap for your life?

Did You Know? 

Ancient civilizations all over the world separately created their own incredibly complex systems of natural observation and correlational arts. One of these systems was Astrology—the symbolic study of patterns seen in the stars and how they present as a reflection for events on earth. 

After, nearly two decades of deep studies into ancient Hellenistic astrology and archetypal psychology, I have done a tremendous amount of personal observation.


My conclusion? Astrology is a tool that:

  • Helps us peer into the nature of reality

  • Predicts specific archetypal lessons both personally and globally 

  • Helps us become more present to the story of our extraordinary lives

  • Assists us in seeing things as they are so we can move forward with clarity and courage.

Astrology is an exquisite tool to navigate existence

This Gathering is For You If:

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  • You know a bit about astrology already OR you’re brand new! Any and all experience levels are welcome.

  • You're ready to see the storyline of your life and how it connects to the bigger story of the collective.

  • You'd like to be able to predict when certain tensions in your life will resolve.

  • You'd like to understand the life-changing lessons present in the tensions of your life and therefore feel empowered.

You have the option to attend online via zoom link 


in-person at the beautiful and magical Tortoise House in Portland, Oregon.
6928 SE 122nd Dr.
Portland, OR 97236
Sessions are held monthly.

Next Session: 
In-Person: MONDAY,  JULY 31st, 2023
6:30 PM PST
Online: TUESDAY, AUGUST 1st, 2023
6:30 PM PST
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Facilitated by
Katrina Nilsson-Gorman,
Astrologer, Archetypal Explorer, Owner of Wild Soul Guidance.

Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a Nature Mystic, Best-Selling Author and a Soulful Mentor. Her clients have called her "a medicine woman who embodies life-times of deep self-cultivation work."

Register Here:

Investment: $25-50 Sliding Scale

Save Your Spot!
Please register separately for each person attending


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


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