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Divination Sessions

Card Readings
Finding wisdom in the lessons of the times...

Having 20 years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards, plus deep studies into Archetypal work has helped me create a unique reading experience for you that you aren't likely to get in a typical psychic fair.

"SO worth your time and money, not kidding."

"Katrina's approach to a reading is special. I felt seen and it's obvious Katrina has a grasp on her gift. I feel encouraged and have a new, beautiful way to think about the present, past, and future. I totally got called out! Her words of guidance and insight were interesting and thoughtful and I appreciate how I didn't feel like I was compromising the reading by sharing what I felt in response to my cards. Sooo worth your time and money, not kidding."

Jessica M.

This isn't an experience where I will tell you about your future. Although, often times through our explorations a deep clarity is gained and the future may become very clear to you in terms of appropriate action moving forward. The future is changeable. You hold the baton, spirit carves the way.



 " and very thorough."

"My virtual reading with Katrina was spot on and very thorough. It felt like I was in the room with her, and she perfectly described what I’m going through right now, as well as provided sound and helpful advice on what I can do to get through this transformative time. Thank you Katrina!"

Kristen O.


Some reasons you should get a reading:

  •  You're at a crossroads in life

  •  You need some perspective

  •  You've got some big plans and you want some help brainstorming

  •  You're experiencing a life tsunami and nothing makes sense anymore

  •  You need some validation and confirmation

  •  You feel a little self-sabotage-y

  •  You want to connect more deeply with your intuition

"I can't recommend her highly enough."

"Katrina is a firehose of brutal, intuitive, loving honesty. Her method of reading cards is really unique, and what she is able to glean from the Tarot is insightful and incredibly relevant. I was taking notes during my reading just so I could recall everything I wanted to come back and reflect on. On top of it, she's just a damn delightful person to interact with. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Nicholas S.

90-Minutes, $125 Online

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