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Astrologer Writing Natal Chart


Astrology Sessions

Full Astrological Chart Reading
An invaluable roadmap for your life journey...

This reading is suitable for folks at any stage of life—all ages and astrology experience are welcome. We will focus on an in-depth look at your natal chart, including your innate strengths and challenges according to the planets. Whether you are in need of direction or are simply curious, your reading will be an enlightening and healing experience that will ultimately connect you with the magnificent spark that lies within your soul. That light is your birthright which, too often, becomes dulled or shrouded by life’s challenges. A personalized reading can help you to realign with that spark and embody the full brightness of your soul’s potential. Our greatest navigation tools are the stars and planets above. I look forward to being your guide.

90-Minutes, $150, Online

“Katrina is masterful."


"Being in her presence feels like sitting with someone who embodies lifetimes of deep self cultivation work."I’ve worked with astrologers for over a decade. Katrina is quite a translator. Reading stars and planets is a fine art and I find the level of subtlety she has reached to be very important in tuning in the energies. As a lifelong yogi and artist, Katrina is to me, an incredibly refined ally to help my inner work and turn it into the artful life I’m meant to bring forth. I’m eager to keep working with her knowledge, as tool for awareness.”


Audrey D.




Katrina is a Medicine Woman."

Her wisdom holds the gift of healing and the desire to restore balance.

She is heart-centered and works for the greater good. Her passion for serving others is evident in her depth of knowledge, how well prepared she is and how tender she delivers her message. Katrina is a gift to us all and needed now more than ever”


Lynne Q.


Predictive Astrology Session
Find out what is in store for you this year according to the stars...

Do you want to know what to expect in the next 12 months and how to harness the life cycle you are in and the astrological energies unique to you? Do you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed? I’ve been through times like this and the one thing that truly helped me was understanding my soul blueprint through my astrology chart.


Astrology readings can help you to tune into your soul as well as understand the wider reasons why you are going through, or have been through difficult times. We can accurately identify key life passages and transitions as well as look to the future for more auspicious and beneficial passages and transits. We can then plan our activities and harness the natural energy for maximum success. We will look at the placement of your progressed planets as well as the key transits at play for the next 1-2 years - in other words how the positions of the planets now are activating your birth chart. You can ask specific questions such as "when should I launch my program/business or what are the main themes for me in the next 12 months?"

90 Minutes, $200, Online

"It was an outstanding experience and an eye-opener."

I was most impressed with the level of knowledge, insight and foresight as well as Katrina’s mastery of the subject matter, in her readings. I found the information very valuable to know my past, current and future tendencies as well as my abilities pertaining to my overall lifework. It was a great “reset” for me per considering my life decisions and thought process for helping me navigate life. Both readings were an outstanding experience and an eye-opener for me, offering a level of great comfort and healing. My experiences were so incredibly positive that I’ve recommended her sessions to family and friends. I look forward to working with Katrina again in future, to sample the many healing modalities she offers.


Christina N.

"It will give you plenty to think about."


“I began my astrological reading with Katrina with these questions in mind: Does it matter where and when I came into the planet? Do I choose my destiny or do things align? Or both? And is there something, some helpful nugget of truth or guidance, in this process for me? If you like to explore all kinds of possibilities concerning the unfolding of your life, an astrological reading with Katrina will give you plenty to think about. She was insightful, caring, smart, and able to explain a bit about how astrology works as we went along (since I was a novice). She will affirm that your pathway is unique and important. I did not experience my reading so much as "fortune telling" but more as information for me to understand the possibilities of alignment (or not) in my path. If you are curious about the ebb and flow of patterns, energy, and growth points in your life, a reading with Katrina will be explanatory, validating, and maybe even inspiring!”


Suzanne Haas-Cunningham, PhD.

Astrocartography Session

Find your place in this world...

Astrocartography is an astro-mapping tool that shows how your chart intersects with different places across the globe. Certain locations are more favorable for certain purposes. For example, some highlight career, some are better for peaceful relationships, and some help you access your purpose. Likewise, some locations may not be as compatible for you. If you are interested in relocating and wish to know more about the astrocartography of your new location, this session is for you. Not only can we identify favorable locations for you to move, but we can also plan music tours, strategize favorable markets for business expansion, plan vacation destinations, and more.

1 Hour, $100, Online

"It helped me put together a future strategy."

“Katrina's astrological reading mimicked exactly what is going on in my life and helped me put together a future strategy. I am currently retiring my business and am looking at personal retirement. I started this action last year and my reading indicated that is what I was doing and that I would successfully transition into retirement. All with a functional and successful plan. Her readings were and are very helpful with my business and life.”


Jerry T.

Astrological Relationship Reading

A Study in the Synergy Between Individuals...

Explore your relationship with a significant other, friend, family member, or whoever you'd like. We can see how your charts affect each other, where you blend easily, what the challenges might be, whether you have past life or soul mate connections, etc. Couples welcome to come together.

90- Minutes, $200, Online

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