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A 10-Week Healing, Embodied Exploration of Story


Facilitated by
Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, Best Selling Author, Owner of Wild Soul Guidance.

Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a Nature Mystic, Divination Poet and a Soulful Mentor. She brings with her, a rich background of archetypal study and a great love of story. With 20 years of divinatory work to her credit, she enjoys sparking magic with words and myth.

In this 10-Week Workshop We Will Cover

This Workshop is For You If:

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  • You have zero experience with creative writing OR you already have a background but want to dive deeper into intuitive methods of cultivating story.
  • You often experience racing thoughts and want to become more embodied and less stuck in your mind.
  • You already have a fascination with story or you don’t know much about it and you’d like to form a deeper relationship
  • You are ready to dive into a world where image and instinct form a richer understanding of reality. 
  • You are looking to find a community of kindred spirits with which to share and hear story.
  • You would like to learn techniques that draw you into deeper connection with yourself, your community and the land you live on.
  • You are ready to confront your demons and dragons in a safe, contained space.
  • You are interested in exploring writing as a profession or you simply want to deepen your practice as a hobby
Healing deeper wounds...

"Going through the writing exercises and sharing my experiences with others gave me the strength and voice to heal the deeper wounds that had plagued me and my family for over 35 years. What a brilliantly curated course! Bravo!!"

-Liz L.

Course Curriculum:
Week 1: Transcendence— Exploring the wordless with words

Week 2: Teachers— Gathering of wisdom

Week 3: Peripeteia—The point when everything changes

Week 4: Lovers— The power of connection

Week 5: Illusion— When the spell is broken

Week 6: Chariots— Inspired to action

Week 7: Belly of the Beast— Churning at the base

Week 8: Strength— Taming inner demons

Week 9: Center— Finding healing

Week 10: Your Verse— Living purposefully
Hands Up
"I experienced a tremendous inner shift"

"This was an incredible journey of writing/journaling into one’s imagination and life experiences; an ingenious weaving of questions and writings that revealed each individual’s truth. The class became a wonderful community, where stories were shared. I have struggled with a life-long habit of biting my nails. Through this writing process, I personally experienced a tremendous inner “shift” and this habit miraculously disappeared altogether! I highly recommend this class “Write Wild” to anyone who wants to remember their stories and give them life through writing."

-Christina N.

This Workshop Includes:

  •  10 Facilitated Weekly Online Community Support Gatherings Where we Practice Collaborative Learning and Circle Sharing
  • Available Personal Check-Ins with the Instructor
  • Weekly Writing Prompts, Explorations and Opportunities
  • A Weekly Magical Mystery Mission
  • 1 Guided Nature Therapy Session
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Workshop Dates:

If you can't make some or any of these classes live, no worries!
They will be recorded and available to class participants.
Ten Live Community Zoom Gatherings:

Saturday January 28th, 9am

Feb 4th "   "

Feb 11th "   "

Feb 25th "   "

March 4th "    "

March 11th"    "

March 18th "   "

April 1st "    "

April 8th "    "

April 15th "    "

Investment Options:

Early-Bird Payment
One Payment of $499

Pay in full and save $181 compared to the payment plan!

Payment Plan
7 Monthly Payments of $97

Choose the payment plan for an accessible monthly payment option.

Tuition Assistance

Click the button below to let us know your situation and apply for assistance.

Available for those in need
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